Sophie Auster Wants You to Take A Chance on Love

The Brooklyn-based singer just released a new single “If I Could.”

New York’s subway typically elicits feelings of dread. The metallic cacophony of passing trains, the unknown sticky substance wrapping itself around the poles, the shoving, the screaming, the subway rats (!) make for a trying experience.

But not in Sophie Auster’s world. In her new music video for the song “If I Could,” two strangers played by trans-activist and model, Jari Jones and Basit Shittu, who was just on MTV’s first-ever sexually fluid television show, are brought together by New York’s subway system.

The subway cart is the vehicle that sparks an instant connection between the two. After emerging from the station, through swift yet intentional movements, the pair takes you on a cinematic tour of New York. Auster’s voice serves as the sultry, magnetic guide pulling the viewer in and out as we follow the pair.

And Auster is a reliable guide to New York, known as the “sound of New York” to Italy’s D la Repubblica Magazine. The Brooklyn born and bred singer and song-writer has just released the two-song EP titled History Happens at Night via BMG and this new single is on the record.

“If I Could” is about taking a chance on love,” Auster enlightens. “I said it should feel as if you are diving off a big mountain with your arms spread, but an invisible net catches you. I wanted to create a feeling of pure exhilaration and joy. My challenge for this song was to create something romantic and uptempo that isn’t corny or cliched. For me, being a songwriter is about capturing moods and being true to the different stages in my life. I’m very happy right now and I wanted my music to reflect that.”

She begins her 10-date tour of Europe beginning in Germany on November 15. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

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