Sounds of Scandinavia: Iceage

The in-your-face rock & roll ensemble

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While most 17-year-olds are busy preparing for adulthood, Icaeage was on the precipice of underground, punk-rock stardom. Now, over a decade later and five full-length albums to boast, the five-man act has cemented itself as one of Scandinavia’s most innovative, and unique, musical talents.

From left to right Jacob wears all clothing Han Kjøbenhavn Casper wears shirt, pants Han Kjøbenhavn Tank top Casper´s own Elias wears shirt Han Kjøbenhavn Vest Eytys Johan wears shirt Holzweiler Pants Han Kjøbenhavn Dan wears shirt Mads Nørgaard Pants Han Kjøbenhavn throughout

Navigating relationships, world affairs, and everything in between, Iceage merges a decidedly sleek, multi-dimensional Scandinavian sound with an ever-evolving splash of post-punk modernity. New Brigade, the band’s debut album, was released to widespread acclaim thanks to gritty, yet surely pioneering, production that created an undeniable buzz around the soon-to-be punksters. And since, Iceage has been on a sonic evolution that has seen the band experiment with everything from downbeat ballads to in-your-face bangers.

Seek Shelter, the band’s 2021 album, showed just that. Differing from early offerings, frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt took an introspective approach on the record, with slow-burning vocals and upbeat guitar riffs leading the way. Lyrics like “See yourself deemed a stressor/Every man is someone’s successor” on “Vendetta” exude a sense of ultra-cool nonchalance that the band has become known for. And when coupled with Iceage’s signature production? A post-punk, match-made-in-heaven.

“Copenhagen is what we grew up with, what we react to,” Rønnenfelt says of the band’s varying influences. “These surroundings, especially in the early days, bled into and reacted with our sound. But, we didn’t make a conscious decision to make a distinctly Scandinavian sound.”

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