Sounds of Scandinavia: Posh Isolation

The pair behind Denmark’s must-know music collective

Posh Isolation isn’t like your regular record labels, it’s a cool record label–redefining the music industry one artist at a time. With the company’s multi-disciplinary approach, it serves as a platform for creators of music, art, and design. Created by Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek (who together form the famed music duo Damien Dubrovnik), Posh Isolation was founded in 2009

Since its inception, Stadsgaard and Rahbek have been committed to nurturing musicians and cultivating new, fresh sounds. And that duty to the next generation of musicians didn’t stop when clubs closed and touring was put on hold. The cutting-edge soundscapes of Posh Isolation’s roster of genre-bending multi-hyphenates became the soundtrack for a slowed-down world. Despite the pandemic, the collective hasn’t missed a beat–from the release of Croatian Amor’s sixth solo album to drops from industry movers and shakers like KhalilH2OP and Perko. Currently holding over 200 physical releases under their belt—in tandem with buzzworthy brand partnerships and artistic endeavors—the Posh Isolation effect is alive and well.

With their influence spreading far and wide, the collective has undoubtedly become an integral part of Copenhagen’s creative scene. For the past twelve years, Posh Isolation has been scoring the sounds of Copenhagen’s underground scene, and if its latest efforts are any indication, there are no signs of slowing.



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