“Sportin’ Life” Produced By Saint Laurent Selected by Venice Film Festival

The 65-minute documentary by Abel Ferrara premieres September 5th.

“Sportin’ Life,” a documentary produced by fashion house Saint Laurent and directed by Abel Ferrara, has been selected by Venice International Film Festival as part of its 77th edition.

Set to premiere on September 5th, the documentary is the sixth incarnation of SELF, the international art project curated by Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello.


The 65-minute documentary features cast members including Willem Dafoe, Abel Ferrara, Paul Hipp, and Joe Delia, and is an artistic commentary on society placing emphasis on individuality, self-expression, and confidence—the pillars of the Saint Laurent attitude.

“The subject of my new documentary is the relationship I have to my work, to Willem Dafoe, and my music and art,” said Bronx-born director Abel Ferrara. “These relationships are the starting point and I could not avoid facing what the world went through this year with the pandemic.” 


An exploration into creativity and the personal history of an artist, “Sportin’ Life” is raw, sharp, and complex, evoking the feeling of a fleeting moment in time that is still happening. Ferrara’s life is portrayed through his own artistic lens, a lush and intimate look refracted through his partnerships and projects in music and filmmaking. His previous international successes in filmmaking include “King of New York,” “Bad Lieutenant,” “Body Snatchers,” and “The Addiction.”

“I have been shooting predominantly documentaries the past 10 years or so,” said Ferrara. “Whatever the subject—Piazza Vittorio, Padre Pio—we also film the process itself, so our team and I are a part of it.” 


Sportin’ Life” produced by Saint Laurent premieres on September 5th.

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