Sportmax’s Latest Installment Is An Homage To Historic Women

For Milan Fashion Week, Sportmax’s collection “Remember All Tomorrow’s Parties: An Ode To Womanhood,” honors iconic trends and the women that inspired them.

A century later, we find ourselves back in the Roaring 20s — an era sparked by pandemic and economic depression, hopefully followed by fabulous parties and cultural renaissance. Sportmax was inspired by the era’s vitality and the iconic women of the last 100 years for the brand’s latest collection, “Remember All Tomorrow’s Parties: An Ode To Womanhood.”

In the collection’s video, models promenaded a crystal chandelier-lit runway to a soundtrack fusing futuristic synth and classic refrains. Sportmax transcended time with the collection’s minimalist shapes and hints of inspiration from each era. Flapper-like feathers were clearly a nod to the Jazz Age, while 70s workwear influenced other pieces.

Slinky maxi dresses, monochromatic power suits, and luxe leather were made new again with a distinctly modern feel. Noteworthy looks included a flamelike ensemble of an enormous furry red and gold coat over a ribbed orange dress and a mahogany brown leather blazer coat paired with olive bootcut trousers. Understated tailoring and draped silhouettes throughout tied the collection together.

Cleverly placed accessories accentuated the looks, with round and oversized sunglasses giving Matrix-esque mystique to futuristic outfits. Fluffy bags gave playful texture to vintage looks, and structured leather purses placed emphasis on more severe pantsuits.

With a cohesive mix of standout trends from the last century, Sportmax pays tribute to the empowered women of each era.

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