Sporty & Rich Unveil Their Ultra Comfy Fall Drop 1

The lifestyle label goes for the plush comforts of lounging at home

Been spending a lot of chill time at home, haven’t you? Don’t lie, we see you, and we meet you. To ensure that we’re lounging in comfort and style, Sporty & Rich are here with their new collection, Fall Drop 1.

The lifestyle brand’s new collection is made of 100% cotton, as cozy as you can get. The items are all unisex and ultra-plush. But just because they’re primarily going to be worn on the couch, doesn’t mean they’re any bad to step out in, keeping it well-tailored enough to look good on the form.

The collection comes in colors like salmon, green, white, grey, and shades of brown, including a particularly chocolaty one. Hoodies, crewnecks, T-shirts, and sweatpants make up the most of the collection. Accessories abound as well, including totes, baseball caps, yoga mats, and jump ropes, in case you’re feeling particularly energetic.

You can check out the entire Sporty & Rich Fall Drop 1 collection on the website. And they’re available to purchase now.

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