Spring Preview #1: Ferragamo in Florence

In June, a stable of new stars followed Ferragamo’s head creative Paul Andrew to the ancient city of Florence, hitting the cobblestone with a new vision of street style.


Salvatore Ferragamo created beautiful pieces, putting craft and quality first, and today’s Ferragamo man wants to be a part of this grand heritage. He has a sincere appreciation for tradition, yet he isn’t threatened by a break from the norm—a [mix] of unconventional color as well as a tendency towards subtlety and propriety. Also, Ferragamo would use the stars of cinema to embody the looks he was creating. This may not sound novel now, but back then it was a very new approach.

[Collectively] I would describe the men we’ve assembled here as being engaged with the world, informed and smart. Clearly they are genetically gifted and wear clothes well, but on top of that, they are friendly, respectful, and open. Individually, here’s what I would say: Dylan Sprouse is talented and driven, and so much fun to be around—I can’t wait to try his offerings from Brooklyn Distillery! Emblematic of that rebellious L.A. spirit, Evan Mock is the contemporary “cool guy.” And I don’t know how he manages to do what he does on that skateboard of his. Tommy Dorfman is so talented, handsome, and kind. He also has a natural instinct for redefining traditional men’s sartorial codes of dressing. Hero Fiennes Tiffin truly speaks to the spirit of the brand; he’s one of my favorite young [actors] right now and has also become a close friend. Lamar Johnson has appeared in such significant films—talent galore and such a great look. When Jacob Bixenman walks into a room, he is a presence that won’t be ignored. And Jack Mulhern is talented, great looking, stylish, and humble. We could all take a page from his book.

I am fascinated by the intersection of gender [and] identity. I’m not speaking of androgyny [per se], but [rather] permission to expand the boundaries of traditional dressing, especially in terms of silhouette and color. I wanted to announce to the world who I am as a designer, within the very generous underpinnings of the Ferragamo design ethos.

[Bringing this vision to Florence] was a dream come true—[especially] for someone showing an early collection, as I was. The Ferragamo family has an incredible link to the city of Florence, and recently they restored the Fountain of Neptune, which has drawn visitors from across the globe to the Piazza Signoria for decades. As an unprecedented signifier of this unique bond, the city’s mayor allowed us to stage this menswear show right there alongside Neptune and the large, iconic statue of David. As a result, the show took on an otherworldly feeling for me, and hopefully for spectators as well. It was the most chic and elevated setting in the world. I am so honored to have had my designs on display there and hope all who witnessed it were moved by it all. I certainly was.


Tommy Dorfman, Dylan Sprouse, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin
Jacob Bixenman

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