Spring Preview #2: Prada in Shanghai

At the tail end of the summer, VMAN traveled to China to photograph Miuccia Prada’s latest offerings for men.

Seasons change, but high fashion is forever. No matter the location, an expertly-crafted collection can be brought to life by exciting surroundings—take Prada in Shanghai, China, for example. From stairways to sidewalks, our boys brought the beauty and craftsmanship of Italy to the electric East Asian city.

“China has always occupied a prominent place in Prada’s imagination,” Miuccia Prada shared. “The attitude and identity of Shanghai, its dynamic fusions of past and present, old and new, are sources of constant exchange and interest.“

Her words ring true in our second spring preview: a light, bright editorial that’s sure to combat the ordinary drab of everyday life.

“The collection is about optimism as an antidote for accepting the darkness of our actuality,” says Ms. Prada.

Won’t you come along with us? Stay tuned for more exclusive looks at what’s to come in 2020. View the full story, below.

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