SRVC Studio For The Modern Woman

New womenswear label SRVC Studio debuts campaign film and F/W 2023 Collection

The new London-based label SRVC (service) was founded in 2021 by Masha Adonyeva in collaboration with Design Director Ricky Harriot. The brand debuted its short film for its F/W 23 campaign. The brand seeks to “service all women in their natural form. 

SRVC explores futurism in womenswear and flexible styles that are sustainable to the revolving changes of a women’s wardrobe. 

Image Courtesy of SRVC

The film exudes intensity and female empowerment while giving the relationship between the body and clothing a new comfortable and powerful meaning. The F/W 23 collection is ultra-modern and edgy for women of all ages and sizes to tap into. The collection consists of a variety of knitwear, tailored pants and coats, a recurring element of lace-ups, and versatility from streetwear to evening wear. 

Image Courtesy of SRVC

SRVC prioritizes community and inclusivity. The film and season 3 collection has no restriction to sexy edge and modernity when it comes to age as women can redefine style at any point. SRVC brings more comfort in a versatile range of silhouettes and celebrates evolving style with a mix of design elements that work together in presenting a statement with edginess and boldness. 

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