Stars Of Sundance: Andrea Riseborough

Stars Of Sundance: Andrea Riseborough

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Stars Of Sundance: Andrea Riseborough

The acclaimed actress appeared in four films this past Sundance including her powerhouse, leading performance in Christina Choe's 'Nancy'.

The acclaimed actress appeared in four films this past Sundance including her powerhouse, leading performance in Christina Choe's 'Nancy'.

Photography: Sharif Hamza

Styling: Andrew Mukamal

Text: AJ Longabaugh

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With an impressive résumé of both stage and screen roles, Andrea Riseborough is raising the bar for what it means to be a working actress today. At this year’s Sundance, Riseborough appeared in four films, resulting in a promotion schedule that made her experience there “completely bananas.” Of the four projects, the one that the actress seems most impassioned by is Nancy, written and directed by Christina Choe. Riseborough was first introduced to the film during a meeting with Choe at a café; it evolved into a three-year labor of love. “Nancy is one of the only true independent films that premiered this past Sundance,” Riseborough contends.

The movie follows the psychological journey of a woman who believes she was kidnapped as a child; when she meets a couple whose daughter went missing 30 years prior, her worldview starkly shifts. Riseborough relished the chance to portray a female “antihero” sans the clichéd “gnarly trajectory” of such roles. “Nancy, to be perfectly forward, is a real, complex human being who you can empathize with and freely revel in her oddness,” says Riseborough.

Bringing Choe’s remarkable film to fruition was a worthwhile challenge: “multiple incarnations” of teams and crew made the realities of the industry apparent. “Christina Choe is a female director and writer of color, and her genius work has been routinely denied the platform that it needs to take her work to the next level,” says Riseborough. “As women, we call ourselves the problem. I’m not the problem. I just don’t have any power in this hyper-sexualized, hyper-marginalized world I work in. The reality is, someone needs to step up and support us. That also means someone has to care enough to pay for it.”


Credits: Makeup Ciara O’Shea (LGA) Hair Rubi Jones (Julian Watson) Producer Ashley Herson Local producer Kate Holland Digital technician Casey Richardson Photo assistants Tim Hoffman, Shen Williams-Cohen Stylist assistant Jermaine Daley Hair assistant Megan Gorley Production Assistants Tom O’Meara, Rique Carroll Retouching Hempstead May Location Park City Peaks Hotel


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