Statement Rings For The Statement-Making Man

Inspiration for your bold new accessory.

Men who wear jewelry have been popping up everywhere from runways to coffee shops. It’s no longer taboo, if it ever was, to don a fist full of rings or parade around a neck covered in chains. Even the dangly earring is working its way towards being a men’s fashion staple.

When it comes to rings, some men prefer a tasteful one or two bands. Others stack so many shiny pieces on their fingers that their skin ceases to be visible. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it. The rings you rock are an extension of your hands, arguably the most used part of the body. Your hands get wet, they get grimy, and your jewelry needs to withstand it all. Down with green-tinted bands of rust and gunk. Down with rings that fall off the finger or fall out of style.

It’s time to invest in a hero piece, the big turkey at the center of your Thanksgiving feast of hand adornments. Here’s some inspiration, whether you end up choosing to go vintage, high-end, or grab whatever’s durable (no judgement).

Maison Margiela Two Stackable Rings ($685)

This stackable set from Maison Margiela features a sleek, subdued design. The two rings can be worn together or separately depending on just how loud you’d like your accessories to be on any given day. The rings are crafted in Italy using high-polish steel with a black enamel front. When stacked, they form the brand’s four-stitches moniker.

WhenSmokeClears Rise Ring ($248)

This unabashedly over-the-top WhenSmokeClears ring comes in silver or gold finish. Every bit of rippled surface area is coated in either jewels or natural pearls. One couldn’t expect less from the unique brand rocked by head-turning celebs like Lil Yachty and Quavo.

Beepy Bella rosey ($135)

For a tough piece with feminine flair, consider this Beepy Bella item, complete with adjustable band. The ring itself is 925 silver, while the rose charm is constructed using hand-sculpted glass and freshwater pearls. The brand assures us that this one is perfect for all fingers, “even alien fingers.”

VERAMEAT Hi I’m French ($170)

French bulldogs are known to be friendly and mild-tempered. Sound like you? Show off your chill personality with this VERAMEAT gold ring. The brand is known for their wide range of unexpected inspirations, but this chunky piece stands out as particularly versatile.

Gucci Anger Forest wolf head ($520)

Lately, Gucci has been embracing complete maximalism, introducing a number of rings meant to be big and be stacked. Among the bunch is this aged silver wolf, engraved with the world “Loved” across the animal’s forehead. Gucci claims that the wolf  “trusts its instincts and is thought to symbolize loyalty and spirit.”

Fraser Hamilton Thumb’s Up Signet ($370)

Fraser Hamilton designed this clever sterling silver item as what can only be interpreted as a nod to retro mood rings. Remember those little toys that changed color? This adult version can be worn as a thumbs up or thumbs down. Let those around you know how you feel with a simple and performative ring flip.

A-Cold-Wall Oversize Ring ($326)

A-Cold-Wall’s Oversize Ring features a nice cut out that leaves skin exposed in place of what would typically be a gem or other decoration. Those who hopped on the tiny finger tat trend will be sure to get a lot of use out of this silver frame.

Johnny Nelson All Power Fist ($160)

Johnny Nelson crafted this power fist ring in a number of different materials: gold vermeil, sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, and 14k white gold. Aside from the blatant fun pun of wearing a hand on your hand, the fist is a powerful symbol, and from a brand worn previously by the likes of Colin Kaepernick and Lil Nas X.

Givenchy Chain Signet ($295)

For a slightly more traditional look, turn to this Givenchy signet ring, made to look worn in before you even get your hands on (or in) it. Featuring a chain motif, as well as the brand’s iconic logo, the ring is made to be timeless, not trendy.

David Yurman Shipwreck Coin Band ($395)

For this ring, David Yurman was inspired by the shipwrecked treasure off the coast of Cape Cod. The coins that adorn the band are made to look eroded and sculpted by years underwater. It’s a bold stylistic choice, but somehow already looks tastefully vintage.

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