Stella’s Obsessions: Camila Coelho is My YouTube Girl-Crush

Stella’s Obsessions: Camila Coelho is My YouTube Girl-Crush


Stella’s Obsessions: Camila Coelho is My YouTube Girl-Crush

I fell into a youtube k-hole watching Camila Coelho with a bag full of makeup beside me. A new lipstick is far less severe than giving yourself bangs at midnight.

I fell into a youtube k-hole watching Camila Coelho with a bag full of makeup beside me. A new lipstick is far less severe than giving yourself bangs at midnight.

Text: Stella Pak

At times, the looks that inspire us are editorial and hard to pull off but there are other times when you’re looking to re-learn beauty tricks to update tried and true looks. Cut to 2 hours of obsessively watching Camila Coelho, a Brazilian beauty living in Boston. Her tutorials are approachable, direct and translate to real life beauty looks. Meaning, you won’t walk out of your apartment looking like a hologram filter. It’s no wonder Lancôme chose to collaborate with Camila on 10 shades of L’Absolu Rouge. I sat down with Camila to chat about her beginnings, what it was like to collaborate with Lancôme and why she decided to have 2 youtube accounts.

You started as a makeup artist yourself and evolved into a style and travel influencer, coming from the Youtube vlogger generation. Now you’re working with Lancôme and Lisa Eldridge.

It’s insane. Like you said, I started on youtube and back then this was 8 years ago when I created my channel. I didn’t expect anything from it. I didn’t know it could be my job one day. No idea. It was very new. The reason I decided to do Youtube was because I was a makeup artist and I wanted to share tips and tricks with people. My goal was to teach women how to do their makeup themselves and become independent in that way. Makeup has the power to change you and empower you and really help your self-esteem. That is something I learned throughout my makeup artist years and working at stores. That was my only goal. To make women smile and show that it’s possible. You can do a cat eye, you can do smoky eye and rock a red lip. Every little accomplishment that has happened over the years since the beginning has become a big accomplishment. When you don’t have high expectations, you feel even more grateful.

So it started as a passion project.

Yes, but it did become my job and today, doing this collection with Lancôme is literally a dream come true. I can’t believe. You still have to pinch me. It is here. The lipsticks are here! To be able to do it with such an iconic brand… you look at it and I desire everything in it. I grew up seeing my mom use Lancôme. Which is why it’s been part of my story for so long. We’ve been working together for 3 ½ years.

What was it like working on the formulas? Key textures you feel women need these days?

There were so many colors that I wanted to do. But with 10 colors, I wanted colors every skin tone could wear. My followers are so diverse and are from everywhere around the world. I just wanted them to have their perfect nude, their perfect everyday color, and their perfect bold color. Some colors are inspired from Rio and Paris but my goal was to create colors that would work for everyone. We had people come in today with different skin colors from the lightest to the darkest and it makes me smile seeing the colors work on each skin tone. But cooking the colors was the first step in the lab.

Cooking? I love the way you’re calling it.

Because that’s what you’re really doing. Cooking them. We put the color in the pot, we let it freeze, you take it out. It’s like we’re baking cookies. And I did it with Lisa (Eldridge) who was so fun and she made me feel so much more comfortable and confident. She’s an expert. We really bonded that day. I left that day feeling, “I’m going to make an amazing collection!”

I love the bijoux lip bullet. It’s not something we’ve seen in the market.

It’s something that’s really me as well. I got to play with names. The bullets I wanted it red. I wanted something photogenic. The traditional black is beautiful but I wanted something different so it’ll look beautiful and different on your vanity.

Tell us about the shade names.

The names, I wanted to bring out my lifestyle and places that I love. I travel so much and people love to travel. My background is Brazil. It’s fun to have lifestyle names to lipsticks. Like Coral De Janiero for Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema Sunrise, and Parisian Nude.

(Parisian Nude) That’s a classy nude.

Super classy. That’s why it’s called Parisian Nude. For me, Parisians are effortless, chic, sophisticated. This is my favorite color for a smoky eye when you’re bolder on the eyes. It will be perfect for light to medium skin tones. And THIS nude will work for darker skin tones. Carioca summer. And then we have the bold colors. The pink. A mascara with glowy skin and a little black dress. You’re rocking it. That’s the most outgoing color. (Tropical Pink) The Latinas love it. The girls who are more outgoing. I love this coral. Coral de Janeiro. This will look amazing on blondes. Tan or not. The one I have is called Last Minute. It’s an everyday nude. It has a little bit of color. Like a coral undertone. I love all of them. Copacabana is the matte finish red which has more of a pink undertone. Which is super beautiful and sophisticated. This will go with any skin tone. Rouge empire. It’s the chic sophisticated I always say that but it’s the red with a little bit of sheen. It’s THE red.

Reds are so tricky. There can be blue undertones, pink and orange undertones. How would you recommend what undertone goes well with what complexion.

You really need to try it. There is a little formula but I’m not a fan of rules. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

I can’t wait to try that one.

Tropical Pink! That’s the first photo that I put up.

I noticed when I was watching your youtube that you have 2 accounts. One in English and Portuguese. Did you start with the Portugese? How did it evolve?

When I started the channel, my first 2 videos were in English and I shared on my personal social media back then. It was facebook, twitter, I don’t remember all of them. Friends from school, here in the US and friends I had in Brazil. I shared that first video and I got such a big engagement. And it was new. In Brazil, and in the US. In Brazil, people were naturally more engaged with social media. They are passionate. And they say, “Oh this is so cool. I’ve never seen a tutorial line before. And I found that in Brazil, it was something nobody was doing. There were a few girls, but in the US, there were more. So I thought, “Oh, maybe I should help out the Brazilian girls.” And I did it in Portuguese. I did my Portuguese channel for a year and a half and after that, I had a decision to create a whole new channel because some people would ask, “Why don’t you do subtitles?” But it feels very distant and I want people to feel like I’m talking to them. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but I decided to do a whole new channel. There were a lot of people on my Portuguese channel who didn’t speak Portuguese. They were just following my channel and would message me, can you add subtitles or can you speak in English? So then I said, I live in the US, everyone can understand English, so I created a new channel and it was the best thing I did.

When did you come to the US and how do you still connect with Brazil?

When I was 14. So I did high school and I lived in the US. I lived in the US more than I lived in Brazil now. I go back all the time. I try to speak Portuguese with my family. Even with my husband, when we’re talking, it’s half Portuguese, half English. I love doing that. That’s also why I put a little bit of Brazil. Although it’s only available (Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge x Camila Coelho) in the US, I want them to feel a part of it. I feel so grateful to all of my followers. Not just my Brazilian followers.



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