Stella's Obsessions: How I Run Away From My Problems

Stella's Obsessions: How I Run Away From My Problems

 Training for a marathon helped me deal with stress and anxiety.

 Training for a marathon helped me deal with stress and anxiety.

Text: Stella Pak

An ongoing series, V's Contributing Beauty Editor Stella Pak indulges us with her current obsessions.

It feels exhilarating when I’m of sound mind and body, deleting a line on a text edit document of my daily to-do list I have opened up on my desktop indicating, “It’s done.” The process of getting shit done is another thing. Highlighting and bolding the higher priority items that bubble up throughout the day with emails, texts and calls. I get anxious, moody, short and bitchy. If I’m not sucking up my E-cig, I’m probably stuffing my face with sweet and salty snacks, driving my moods further into a black hole of “I can’t fuckin’ wait until it’s Friday.” I’m no angel.

At the peak of my anxiety when I started my own business a few years ago, I knew something had to change. I couldn’t change any of the external demands that surround me, but I knew I could change the way I perceive them and figure a way to conquer it. I decided to sign up for the NYC Marathon. But you can’t just sign up for a marathon. If you’re a New Yorker, you sign up with the New York Road Runners and commit to a year of 9 races and volunteer for one to qualify for the year after. You’re mentally and physically building up to a 2-year plan. Once the marathon is a few months away, it gets real and then the mental discipline kicks in. You realize in order to cross the finish line; there are no short cuts. You have to prepare your mind and body every single day leading up to it.

Running becomes meditative once you’re just going and you don’t even count the time or the miles. It’s even better when you don’t have music on and you hear your own breathing while breezing through your surroundings. It also helps when you run with friends like Samantha, Heather and Gemma. We run together, exchange tips and pointers while motivating each other to push a little harder. If we’re not running a marathon together in NYC or Rome, we’re cheering each other on the sidelines.

After 2 marathons in the bag, life has gotten even more hectic and living feels like a marathon itself. I took a little break since my Rome Marathon in April, but I miss it. It helped me feel like I was running further away from my problems but dealing with it better when I returned from a run. I decided to keep it up with shorter distances instead and got myself a new pair of Asics Gel Keyano 25’s, the 25th anniversary edition of a runner’s classic. This edition introduces the FlyteFoam Lyte technology where the soles are much lighter than its predecessors while maintaining the reliable stability in its body and heel for long distances. It’s perfect for neutral runner or overpronators, which are terms used when analyzing how you push your feet off the ground. In case you’re a casual runner and considering taking it more seriously, check out the Asics Flagship on Fifth Avenue where an I.D system measures your foot’s length and width while analyzing your gait to give you a more precise recommendation.

Now start running as fast as you can to Friday.



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