Stella’s Obsessions: The Road to intuition and feminine powers

Stella’s Obsessions: The Road to intuition and feminine powers

The power is from within, but visual and sensorial triggers of Le Gemme Reali by Bulgari remind us of what we’re capable of.

The power is from within, but visual and sensorial triggers of Le Gemme Reali by Bulgari remind us of what we’re capable of.

Text: Stella Pak

In recent years, anxiety has become a large focus for those living in the city. I used to laugh it off as if it was something made up to tell a doctor to sign off on a medical marijuana card. To get to a place of peace and stillness can be a challenge. How do we start stripping away the layers of distractions and obligations? Exchanging conversations with friends and listening to podcasts, they all seem to recommend writing a list of priorities. If you were to make a list, how would you start? Is it by what’s most urgent? Is it based on what others impose as a priority on you? Where do you fall on your own list of priorities? When I first drew mine up, my priorities list looked more like a to-do list for the week and I fell somewhere on the bottom.

As I start to slowly approach a moment of awakening where my priority should start with myself, I headed out to Sedona for my friend’s bachelorette party for a long weekend. Sedona is known for its vortexes of positive healing energy and a crystal shop that resides every other store on one strip of shops. If you run into a local and ask where they’re from, a common response is “Earth” as they point to their heart. I was hungry to possess all the healing crystals charged by the moonlight of Sedona to bring back to New York. I wanted my sense of strength, abundance, wisdom and intuition I may have lost in a blur.

Now that I’m back home, meditating on my crystals with a cup of coffee in hand, I took the early weekday to browse through Bvlgari’s latest book published by Rizzoli, The Perfume of Gems. After reading the introduction, it was the best way to ease my way back into reality from Sedona to New York to help guide and strengthen a sense of self and intuition inside of me.

The Perfume of Gems is laid out like one of those Japanese temples where you can only reach the innermost chamber by walking down a corridor holding onto the red silk cord of a handrail in complete and utter darkness. A rite of initiation requiring you to trust your emotions and intuition above and beyond knowledge, skills and traditions.”

Perfume of Gems illustrates the Gem Roads, its origins, its beauty and the sensorial interpretation of fragrance with contributions by master perfumers who created Bvlgari’s Le Gemme Collection, Daniela Andrier, Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier. Anthroplogist and philosopher, Annick Le Guérer takes us on a journey through Imperial Rome and links the history and tales of natural gems and precious stones. Juxtaposing tradition against modern interpretations of fragrance you will find contributions from sound composer, Brian Eno and Roman author, Chiara Gamberale.

What struck me the most from the book was the story of the Empress Theodora of Rome, who inspired Le Gemme Reali, the latest trilogy of Eaux de Parfum as part of Le Gemme Haute Parfumerie collection. Born into humble beginnings, she married Justinian who later became the 17th Roman Emperor. It’s no surprise that Empress Theodora believed and wanted the powers of the highest gems all for herself and forbade others in her court to wear them. Nylaia, The Blue Sapphire evokes inner strength and is captured by a powdery Iris. Rubinia, the ruby exudes a sensual audacity of courage and passion with deep notes of sandalwood and tonka bean finished with a sharp zest of Sicilian Mandarin. Veridia, The Emerald is mysterious as notes of incense smoke through woody green sillage and bourbon vanilla.

I can understand those who may be dubious in the powers of gems. It’s easy to brush it off as a story for those who love to dream and float on air. And maybe they’re right. But after a couple of weeks of these crystals and perfumes in my home, something has shifted inside of me. It could be that when I walk into my home, there are beautiful visual and sensorial triggers. The citrine helps me to stay open to possibilities and seek creative outlets with intelligence. The mica in my living room helps me to move forward and not overthink. I’ve also developed a new ritual before I go to bed. Until recently, I always thought fragrance was something you put on to exude beauty onto others. But with the beautiful bottles of Le Gemme Reali next to my bed, I lightly spray myself with their stories of beauty and strength to enlighten and whisper into my subconscious so beauty is upon me as I drift into a dream state.


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