Step Inside the World of Lisa and Jessica Kistermann, It-Sneaker-Sisters and Their Brand Crime London

From rappers to DJs, seen on artists like Tyga and Nicky Jam, meet the Kistermann sisters as they discuss the new collection sneaker line-up and musical influence on their career-driven journey


If you don’t have a pair of Crime London sneakers in your closet, give it some time because they’re about to be your next must-have pair. Founders and sisters Lisa & Jessica Kistermann of the footwear label Crime London, are breaking into the sneaker game. Known as international socialites, seen at elite parties all across Europe, the sisters bold and eclectic mix of footwear designs have become part of the regular sneaker rotation in some of the most influential music circles in the global, where artists and celebrities like Tyga, Nicky Jam, Sofia Richie and Hailey Bieber have been seen sporting them.



 The twinning duo are building a business empire one incredible sneaker at a time. Growing up with a multicultural Italian Greek-German background in London, the two entrepreneurs have distinguished themselves as part of a new breed of digital influential creatives making their presence felt in the fashion industry. During their studies in International Business and Russian, the sisters realized a lack of premium high-quality designer sneakers that were at a reasonable price. Recognizing both a challenge and an opportunity, Crime London was born, a sneaker that would bridge the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion.


“Sneakers are a great way to find similarities with people,” says Lisa Kistermann. “They allow people to communicate without having to say a word—just like music.”



Music has long been intertwined with fashion and style as history reveals– that’s nothing new. However, today’s artists have much more impact on youth-subcultural fashion and what is hot and not. Inspired and influenced by their passion for underground music and its culture

the Kistermann sisters opened Crime London’s first flagship store in 2014 on the idyllic island of Ibiza, which perfectly reflects the mood of the brand—an edgy spirit transported into the hedonistic party capital of the world. The sneakers are famously worn as the perfect clubwear, seen all over dancefloors, exclusive after-parties, and on the world’s most renowned DJ’s.




Crime London’s latest collection, “Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky” for Spring/Summer 2022 taps into nostalgic musical yearnings with its call-backs to history and music with an expression of freedom post-pandemic— a true ode to movement and sound. The Ibiza beats pause temporarily while taking cues back from ‘90s hip hop music videos, CD covers, graffiti artists and street counterculture with a zero-f*cks-given attitude.


“We have a diverse range of musical taste that doesn’t really cut down to one genre,” Lisa & Jessica say. “It’s more about the flow of the piece and the mood we are in. Music has always been an important element in our life and creative process.”



Workaholics yet somehow travel nomads at the same time, Lisa and Jessica started conceptualizing the new collection while in Miami, where they were based last year throughout the winter, as Europe was still on strict lockdown. The collection is a representation of the legacy and a statement of how hip-hop goes hand in hand with the sneaker world. The essence of those ‘old school’ golden years in the music industry gave life to several trends, sneaker mania being one of them.


However, Crime London’s contemporary design, which features a sleek lacing system, lightweight performance soles, and a wide range of diverse premium Italian materials, ensures the sneakers meets all of today’s aesthetic and functional requirements while also shifting in becoming a more eco-responsible brand. The growing popularity of retro-inspired silhouettes has resulted in becoming an instant sell-out. The “Off Court Low Top”, which is one of their best-sellers presented also for the current fall season, are already flying off boutique shelves.



The sisters have infectious energy, you’ve likely seen them backstage at music events or in street style roundups, sporting the latest designers while simultaneously maintaining a classic and sharp aesthetic. They have fun blending the lifestyle and unapologetically cool attitude of music into their creations. Rather than follow temporary trends, dictated by the big luxury fashion houses, they enjoy more a personal expression of their talent and passion for sound and style into one creative force – the Crime London World.



Lisa and Jessica are relieved to see that their customers are growing up with them – that they are engaged with their collections, the Crime Toys in their Milan loft-showroom: motorbike, DJ booths, surfboard and boxing ring, that they’d want to live in the Crime World too.


“Our customers are hungry, they want us to speed it up, because they’re seeing the things that we love but we currently don’t provide,” Jessica says. “Lifestyle items that are currently just one of one custom pieces of art and furniture of our personal collection. Although, after a while, the kids no longer want to be hyped with concepts…they want the real thing.” Lisa adds.


The Kistermann sisters continue to make a name for themselves in a highly competitive industry, as one thing’s for sure—they’ve got plenty more in store for Crime London.



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