Step Out in Schiaparelli

Schiaparelli’s SS23 ready-to-wear line is Extra Ordinary.

When you see it, you know it, Schiapparelli has a genuine dedication to making women look extra; extra fabulous, extra over the top and extra in love with getting dressed. That love is not limited to couture, this season’s ready-to-wear line takes the more is more approach the brand loves and encourages us to step up our everyday look with a little couture. Creative director Daniel Roseberry is defying the idea of cut and paste ready-to-wear, rejecting the concept of disposable and embracing everything that makes Schiaparelli wonderful: detail, shape, and quality in order to create pieces that can live on in a woman’s closet for years to come. 

Cinched-waisted, broad-shouldered suits reminiscent of the 80s power suit are accompanied by liquid-like silk dresses and chunky earrings and brooches for the woman who wants it all and wants it right now. The collection is a powerful celebration of the human form. Swimsuits and dresses are painted and sculpted busts that jut out to a point, mimicking nipples is a consistent theme in the pieces. The brand’s take on the trendy ultra-platform heels is sculptural, and clean mimicking the hourglass shape of a woman’s body. 

So how do we wear Schiapparelli SS23 ready-to-wear in real life? The French fashion house is confronting the banality of the every day and embracing the extraordinary today transforming everyday womenswear into a muse-worthy ensemble. “It’s a collection that begins conversations. It’s one that encourages its wearers  to reimagine what every day means.” Roseberry elaborated when describing this season’s collection.  It’s all in the attitude, of being unapologetically bijoux. Wearing Schiaparelli is definitively not for wallflowers.

Accessories do not play second fiddle in the collection, handbags are decorated with 24k gold leaf transforming them into jewelry in their own right, gold cuffs are more like wearable art sculpted to have noses, eyes, and other facial features on the different pieces of jewelry they are bold yet simple statements that would dress up any closet basics, “ A good, inventive piece of jewelry lives forever; it’s there for its  owner whenever she wants it.” Roseberry declared, he was inspired by his time browsing the Paul Bert Serpette antiques market in Paris, intending to bring the same wearability and elegance found in century-old pieces he’s found there. The Extra Ordinary Spring-Summer SS23 collection is definitely one we’ll remember. 

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