Steve Lazarides Launches Laz Emporium

Lazarides’s latest move sees a digital vintage bazaar-style platform where art and design products are democratic and accessible.

The renowned British ex-gallerist and Banksy’s former agent Steve Lazarides of Laz Inc has a new platform under his belt—Laz Emporium. With an offering encapsulating all the mediums Lazarides works with like books, art prints, Editions of 10 (Lazarides’s artist and brand collaborations), and Artefacts (a repurposed furniture collaboration with various artists) Laz Emporium is formatted as a digital vintage bazaar.

Laz Emporium launched on Thursday, and Lazarides’s goal is to present art that can be enjoyed and utilized in either every day or alternative manners by creating a democratic and easily accessible platform, ultimately emphasizing art and design in a variety of mediums and price ranges. While also aiming to stay true to his British Roots, everything sold, created, or from his own personal collections is self-printed and -published from Lazarides’s Bristol studio.

British artist Charming Baker is the first to collaborate on Artefacts, where his unconventional methods of painting are featured on vintage furniture. Catch a glimpse of Baker’s work down below, and stay tuned for more from Steve Lazarides and his Laz Emporium.

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