Steven Klein’s New Age of Supermodels: Matthew Van De Sande

Cover star, Matthew Van De Sande is a part of a new breed of supermodels.

This cover story appears in VMAN 45, which is now available for pre-order

In addition to VMAN45 cover star, Shawn Mendes as seen in the Poetry of Pop, four additional supermodels also grace the cover of this year’s winter 2020/Spring 2021 special edition. One of which is, Matthew Van De Sande —his supplemental cover and feature are included in the New Age of Supermodels, lensed by Steven Klein.

Styled by Patti Wilson, Matthew bears all in the best Spring 2021. Including looks from Gucci, Maison Margiela, Emporio Armani, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, and more. After the lovely photoshoot wrapped, we chatted with the model about what he described as an “inspiring” experience and “collaborative process”… the exclusive interview can be found below:

Matt wears pants Gucci SS21 Rings his own


VMAN Can you describe your experience shooting with Steven Klein?

Matthew Van De Sande Working with Steven Klein is inspiring. He is truly brilliant, and he will never confine himself to anything less. The trust we have with one another plays the biggest part, and I feel this is really depicted in our images. I look at Steven’s photography as cinematic. Before we shoot, I like to look at the fashion we are given and the set as a whole and imagine it as if it were a scene in a film. When shooting, I become the character that fits that scene. Even though Steven is at the level he is, he will still ask about ideas I have or input regarding our photographs. It’s a very collaborative process. Especially when we are teamed up with Patti Wilson, she is an amazing genius, herself. It truly is a team effort.


Matt wears coat Loewe SS21 Briefs David Menkes Boots Maison Margiela Sunglasses Tom Ford Bags Private Policy SS21 Necklace, earrings. rings Bulgari


MVDS How do you think 2020 will impact the world of modeling looking forward?

VMAN 2020 will impact the world of modeling moving forward in a positive way. It has shown us that we must always be changing and searching for new ideas based on the circumstances we are given. It will teach us to adapt and to push through even hard times like this. Fashion is always changing, and the way we portray fashion must change with it.


Matt wears jacket Gucci SS21 Briefs Emporio Armani Boots Maison Margiela Sunglasses Tom Ford Necklace Louis Vuitton FW20


VMAN What is your dream modeling job?

MVDS I have a few dream modeling jobs. In no particular order they are: Tom Ford fragrance campaign, Balmain campaign, Maison Margiela campaign, Calvin Klein underwear campaign, Audemars Piguet ad.


Matt wears jacket Gucci SS21 Boots Maison Margiela Sunglasses Tom Ford Necklace Louis Vuitton FW20

VMAN How are you managing to stay sane amidst this year’s chaos?

MVDS In order to stay sane during this pandemic I really have tried to keep myself on some sort of routine or daily schedule. I find I have been getting very anxious about things lately and if I am able to keep some structure and give myself different activities such as household projects or working out it is easier to keep my mind busy and not harp on how bad things are or how bad they may seem.

VMAN What’s the most prized possession in your wardrobe?

MVDS I can’t say I have one prized possession in my wardrobe. There are pieces that mean a lot to me but there isn’t one prized possession. I’m big on cologne since it’s something you don’t actually see but it is still worn. I feel the scent you wear says a lot about you. I’m also big on eyewear and shoes.

Matt wears pants Gucci SS21 Rings his own

VMAN Does Instagram still feel as important to modeling as it has before?

MVDS Instagram does still feel as important to modeling as it has in the past if not more. Instagram enables images to be available around the world in an instant at the touch of your own finger tips, and also connects you to everyone in the industry. With so many people locked down or in quarantine it still enables us to all stay connected. I’m sure more and more things will become digitally based in the near future with Instagram being one of the main platforms in order to do so.



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