Stockholm Fashion Week Started Yesterday - Here’s A Brief Lowdown of Day 1

Stockholm Fashion Week Started Yesterday - Here’s A Brief Lowdown of Day 1

Stockholm Fashion Week Started Yesterday - Here’s A Brief Lowdown of Day 1

Stockholm fashion week will take place from 9-11th of February, 2021

Stockholm fashion week will take place from 9-11th of February, 2021

Text: Lorena Caro

The second digital edition of Stockholm Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with an opening speech from H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria. The Swedish fashion ambassador delivered words of encouragement to the Stockholm and Swedish fashion community from her home at Haga Palace. 

Digitally showcasing their AW21 collections on Day 1 were brands such as Stand Studio, CMMN SWDN, DieMonde, House of Dagmar, A Day’s March, Schanyderman’s, and ATP Atelier. 

Along with the show were conversations with Stand Studio designer Nellie Kamras and Fashion Director Lisa Aiken from ModaOperandi, Diemonde designer Angelo da Silveira x Naira Abdel-Halim from the Swedish Fashion Association, and more. The event also saw the first ever interactive shopping experience in real-time within a video broadcast of its kind.  

For more information about the organizers and conversations within Stockholm Fashion Week, check out their official website here. Below are some looks from the featured collections: 

A Day's March 

A Day’s March was founded in 2014 by Marcus Gårdö, Pelle Lundquist and Stefan Pagréus. Reflecting on their military based principles, the brand strives to make clothing that hopes to “help people get through the triumphs and troubles of everyday life”. This collection features classic, everyday garments named after influential women in history within fields such as science, anthropology, entrepreneurship, sustainability, art and literature. It’s based on a navy, beige, light blue color palette. 

Courtesy of A Day's March

ATP Atelier 

This shoe and bag design brand brings together Scandanavian design and Italian craftsmanship to make luxury wear that is “smart, not redundant”. For their AW 2021 collection titled “Horse & Hound”, they have decided to  blur the lines between city and countryside by crafting pieces that can be dressed up and down as one pleases. The collection sees fall hues,  shades of brown, beige and green, and sexy pops of fuchsia and pistage. The brand also introduced chunky, versatile platform boots, loafers, and sandals to their arsenal. Their collection is set to launch in July/August 2021 via their website.

Courtesy of ATP Atelier


Malmö based CMMN SWDN was founded in 2012 by husband and wife duo Saif Bakir and Emma Bakir Hedlund. The duo come from a background within the fashion industry and have worked for renowned fashion houses. They launched into fame when they spearheaded Kanye West’s Paris design studio together. Their collection design style is influenced by their ‘diverse backgrounds and design disciplines’ which bring ingenious high quality fabrication to youthful subcultures. This collection balances opposing elements that caters for the self-confident individual.

Courtesy of CMMN SWDN


Streetwear fashion brand Diemonde was created by Angelo da Silveira and Isaac Kiese Thelin in 2015 with core values founded within equality, anti-racism and solidarity. Best described as minimalist in design with a knack for precise details, the brand promotes bridge-building and being true to oneself, one’s values and daring to stand up for what one believes in with their clothing. But what that truly makes this Laxå based company futuristic is its integration project ‘Made-in-Sweden’ and its environmentally friendly, on-demand manufacturing process. 

Courtesy of DieMonde

House of Dagmar

House of Dagmar was founded in 2005 by three sisters with a environmentally friendly focused goal to give their clothing a longer life span. By crafting clothing with special attention to fibers and production methods, they make clothing that posit human and animal life as the central objective to their business and brand.

Courtesy of House of Dagmar

Self Cinema

The Swedish brand was founded in 2019 with an objective to promote ‘collective individuality’. The AW 2021 collection sees inspiration from symbolism expressed in the work of Dr. Carl Jung. By drawing from concepts such as the Introvert, the Extrovert, and Archetypes, the collection uses strong bold materials with softer tones and textures to complement and juxtapose elements. 

Courtesy of Self Cinema


Founded in 2012 by Joel Urwitz and Victor Press, this fashion label began as a shirt company and later expanded into a collection of contemporary wardrobe essentials. Schnayderman's currently crafts a range of outerwear, overshirts, shirts, jersey, knitwear and trousers. For their collection titled “The Outsiders” (named after the original Francis Coppola film), the brand looked to a coming-of-age sci-fi about a tight-knit group of friends for inspiration. They use exaggerated details, rearrange conventional garments, and “prepare for a life changing event - a close encounter of the first kind”. 

Courtesy of Schnayderman's

Stand Studio

Founded by Nellie Kamras in 2014, this contemporary brand focuses on constantly redefining a eminine effortless chic aire within the world of fashion. The outerwear focused brand infuses feminine French chic style with iconic Scandinavian simplicity. This particular collection is a “merge of bohemian summer and femininity with stand studio’s effortless and fun language” mixed with the 70’s. Fringes, rounded metal studs in bikers and suede pieces, houndstooth pattern, faux fur, and pastels can be found within this futuristic 70’s retro collection. 

Courtesy of Stand Studio

Street Style

Streetstyle hit the fashion industry with a bang in 2014 after introducing their leather pieces at an accessible price. They have since then expanded to seasonal collections for women and men made from leather, faux fur, suede, wool and shearling. They blend chic with the Scandinavian simplicity within their delicate wardrobe staples. Check them out at

Courtesy of Street Style
Credits: Cover photo courtesy of Streetstyle


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