The 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack is Here

The 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack is Here

The 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack is Here

Text: Joshua Lyon

Everyone relax, the first of two soundtracks to Stranger Things is finally available from Austin-based musicians S U R V I V E. Maybe relax is the wrong word, considering the synth sounds will transport you directly into the Duffer Brothers’ shadowy vision of the eighties, where kids get sucked into other dimensions and make objects levitate with their mind.

Up until now, fans of the score to Netflix’s hit show have had to rely on extended YouTube loops of the opening credits. Spotify playlists of the excellently curated songs helped somewhat, but even those were lacking. (Peter Gabriel’s haunting, string-heavy cover of “Heroes” isn’t available on the streaming service.) Personally, I’ve been getting my fix from the music Tangerine Dream produced for one very specific scene in 1983’s The Keep.

No more! Now you can intimately experience Barb’s fear as she gets dragged into an empty pool by a monster with a giant mouth for a face! Feel the weight of Nancy’s guilt, since her selfish last words to Barb were, “Just go ahead and go home, okay?” (Like most things written about Stranger Things these days, all paths here lead to Barb.)

Better yet, put on some headphones and go for a walk. The best way to experience a soundtrack, especially one as atmospheric as this, is to apply it to the world around you. Immerse yourself. Imagine credits rolling past your face and then start watching for sinister looks coming from strangers. Worry that there might be a creature lurking behind a tree. Keep an eye out for portals to the Upside Down. And if you happen to slip in there, be a hero and figure out a way to bring Barb back to life.

Download Part 1 of the soundtrack here.


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