Street Style Star Rawdah Mohamed is the Norwegian Muslim Model You Need to Follow

Modesty is her specialty, and she makes it look so easy.

If you don’t know Somalian model and street style star Rawdah Mohamed you should definitely pay attention, the Muslim model is making big moves in the Scandinavian fashion scene with her innovative style and beauty editorials. She might be fresh in the world of fashion and beauty, but Rawdah is not afraid to speak her voice on pressing issues like inclusivity and dressing modestly. “I remember when I first came into this industry, I heard people saying it’s rough and superficial and sure it can be at times, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the general warmth I’ve received from editors and industry professionals along the way,” said Rawdah Mohamed. Her love of color and layering is essential to her wardrobe which always consists of her hijab.”I’m definitely modest with a modern twist, I love oversized clothing juxtaposed with ultra-feminine cuts. If I’m wearing a big, crazy skirt this will determine the rest of my outfit. Sometimes I just start with my hijab and let that dictate the rest of my look.”

The inclusivity debate in the realm of fashion and beauty is something she is very passionate about, and according to Rawdah, change is definitely on the horizon. “I’m starting to see a lot of exciting change in the fashion industry as far as inclusivity goes and I’m honored to be a part of it. During Copenhagen fashion week I noticed that inclusivity didn’t just apply to the runway, but was visible in PR, makeup, hair, casting, etc”

Scarf – Holzweiler, Top – Anne Karine Thorbjornsen
Scarf – Holzweiler, Cape – Envelope1976, Skirt – Envelope1976
Scarf – Holzweiler, Top – Anne Karine Thorbjornsen

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