Stylish Workout Gear to Elevate Your Workout

Ready to hit the gym? Make sure to grab one of these stylish essentials before you go.

We all know the physical and mental health benefits of working out, but sometimes all you need is a little nudge to get started. Whether you’re a seasoned gym rat or you’re looking to start your fitness journey, it doesn’t hurt to freshen up your workout wardrobe once in while. Take your workout to the next level wherever you are with this stylish gear and apparel.

Satisfy, Techsilk 5” Shorts, $190 

Image courtesy of Satisfy

With a 4 pocket system designed to reduce heat absorption, these shorts will keep you cool and provide UV protection. Each pair is hand-dyed and has a unique design to add to your workout wardrobe. 

Hyperice, Vyper 3 Roller, $199

Image courtesy of Hyperice

When its time to roll out those tired muscles, Vyper 3 takes foam rolling to a whole new level. With three vibration settings, this roller energizes your muscles to release any tension or stiffness to keep you moving better.

Panagia, Move shorts, $80

Image courtesy of Pangaia

Made from organic cotton jersey fabric to allow you to move with ease. Available in black or jade green for a pop of color, these shorts are a great addition to a relaxed workout outfit. 

On Running, Cloud Monster Shoes, $170

Image courtesy of On Running

When it comes to running, it’s important to not skimp on the wrong shoes. On Running’s Cloudmonster shoes provide ample cushioning perfect for long runs on tough surfaces. 

TANGRAM FACTORY, Red Smart Rope, $110

Image courtesy of Tangram Factory

This LED-embedded jump rope has 36 hours of battery life including Micro-USB charging cable and carrying case. With logos etched on either red handles, this jump rope lights up with movement.

Adidas, Rain RDY Jacket , $135

Image courtesy of Adidas

When you’re on your workout grind, you shouldn’t have to stop for the weather. Adidas Rain RDY Jacket waterproof material allows you to move freely and stay dry on wet days at the course. 

Templa X Olympics Logo Print Tshirt, $233

Image 1 of Templa x Olympics logo-print T-shirt
Image courtesy of Templa

This tee is cut for a puffer fit and oversized lining allowing for breathability. This unique logo design is sure to stand out at the gym. 

Off-White, Active logo compression top, $196

Image courtesy of Off-White

Perfect for running and cycling, this compression top features Off Whites’ iconic Arrow motif in orange. Completed with a signature “off” logo and contrast stitching, this top is great for your morning runs. 

Dsquared2, Icon Logo print water bottle, $170 

Image 1 of Dsquared2 Icon logo-print water bottle
Image courtesy of Dsquared2

After a long workout, don’t forget to hydrate with the Dsquared logo water bottle. Made from steel blend and with a screw-top lid, this bottle will keep your water cold and fresh all day.

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