Su Lee Is "Wide Awake" On Her New Track

Su Lee Is "Wide Awake" On Her New Track

Su Lee Is "Wide Awake" On Her New Track

Watch this young artists fly away into her imagination.

Watch this young artists fly away into her imagination.

Text: Sophie Lee

"Let's get to work," is the first line of Su Lee's new video for her track "Wide Awake." It's exactly what Lee has been doing for the past year as she lives, eats, sleeps, and makes music in her 10 foot by 10 foot apartment in Seoul. Like many of us, the confines of living in quarantine provided an opportunity to Lee: either go crazy or start building something new for yourself. She chose to build.

Since the release of her first viral track, "I'll just Dance," Lee's audience has grown considerably. The video has already racked up over 2 million views, a staggering debut for a relatively unknown artist.

If "I'll Just Dance" was for the mentally exhausted, Lee tells us her new song is "for the dreamers." "Wide Awake" is unabashedly optimistic. It shows Lee dancing in the midst of her own cartoon creations, laughing and smiling despite the confines of her surroundings.

"But then I close my/ eyes and I'm flying with/ all the stars in the sky," she sings. "Oh, I hope that someday/ we'll open our eyes/ and gaze eye to eye." It's a charming way to look at the harshness of right now, and the potential for a social future.

"The video illustrates how imagination brings color to a monochrome life," said Lee. "When dealing with loneliness, self-criticism, and uncertainties that life brings, there are times when reality becomes too difficult and mundane to face in its raw state. That’s when I choose to be more child-like – I daydream, go on imaginary adventures, and doodle everywhere (even on my body). And when I come back to reality – just like at the end of the video – I’m ready to do life again with a little bit of magic and hope that I’ve carried back from my dreams."

It's entirely wonderful, especially when feeling a bit downtrodden, to watch young artists use the available tools to make art that rivals the big names. Besides, as much as I'm sure Justin Bieber is struggling through the pandemic, he's not exactly relatable to the average individual. Lee's work feels like it was made by your most creative friend, dealing with all the same loneliness and stir crazy, punch-the-pillow emotions as you.

You can even watch her music-making process in her "Box Room Dreams" video, of which she says, "Box Room Dreams is not just about working towards goals and having ambitions. Seeing fans supporting me have also inspired me to embrace and celebrate this journey with them. The song 'Wide Awake' kicks off this new chapter with a hopeful outlook for the road ahead."

Watch the new video for "Wide Awake" below.

Credits: Photos courtesy of artist.


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