Sunny Nail Shades for Spring and Summer

Sunny Nail Shades for Spring and Summer

Sunny Nail Shades for Spring and Summer

Mark the change in the seasons with a change in your manicure.

Mark the change in the seasons with a change in your manicure.

Text: Siena Ballotta Garman

If you're struggling to find your look for spring and summer, you might not need to buy a whole new wardrobe just yet – sometimes, all it takes to elevate a seasonal transition is the right nail polish shade. From pastel floral hues to saturated neon statement colors, these polishes will become your standbys in the months to come.

Trout Pout by butter London

A coral shade is a must-have for the summer season. It's classic, chic, just a bit preppy – everything you need for sipping a margarita and kicking back on the beach.

Shop Trout Pout ($18) here.

Sweet & Gracious by Olive & June

This bright orange shade from Olive & June adds a splash of warmth to your look, like a sought-after patch of sunlight on the pavement.

Shop Sweet & Gracious ($8) here.

Pink Sands by Olive & June

This shade, called Pink Sands, is perfect for sinking your feet right into them – or at least daydreaming about a time with fewer travel restrictions.

Shop Pink Sands ($8) here.

El Capitan by Floss Gloss

Vibrant aquatic blue guides your style like a captain guides a ship on the high seas – things might get rough, but you know it will never let you down.

Shop El Capitan ($9) here.

Mint Mojito by Holo Taco

Holographic nail polish adds sparkle and shimmer to your manicure, and this one pairs perfectly with the refreshing drink it's named for.

Shop Mint Mojito ($14) here.


If you're looking for a reliable head-turner, this statement polish announces itself immediately.

Shop PSA ($12.50) here.

Coachella by LOUD  

Coachella itself may not be on this summer, but you can still dress for the occasion with this shimmering shade inspired by the festival's brand of California cool.

Shop Coachella ($13.50) here.

Limoncello by ella + mila

Named for the sweet Italian liqueur, this citrus-tinged color offers some summery zest.

Shop Limoncello ($10.50) here.

Cotton Candy by Static Nails

Paint your nails the color of a pale spring sky – or a sweet carnival confection, whichever you prefer.

Shop Cotton Candy ($16) here.

Abby by Zoya

Lavender is a must-have spring color. It's calming and subtle, easing you into the warmer days ahead.

Shop Abby ($8.99) here.

Credits: Photos courtesy of brands


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