Matcha Isn't Just Delicious—It's also the Ultimate Superfood Skincare

Matcha Isn't Just Delicious—It's also the Ultimate Superfood Skincare


Matcha Isn't Just Delicious—It's also the Ultimate Superfood Skincare

A round-up of some of our favorite matcha-based beauty products for this summer.

A round-up of some of our favorite matcha-based beauty products for this summer.

Text: Carolyn Hanson

It’s hard to deny that matcha is everywhere these days. Matcha-dedicated cafes like Matchabar, Cha Cha Matcha, and Zenchai are popping up all over the place so you can get your coffee-free (but not caffeine free) fix. Every blog is extolling the virtues of regular matcha drinking, and with astounding health benefits such as mood enhancement, richness in fiber, general detoxification and metabolism boosting, it’s easy to see why the drink, which is also rich in antioxidants, is so popular.

But the properties of matcha don’t just extend to how they affect you internally–as we’ve started to learn with the release of products like Milk Makeup’s Matcha Cleanser and Toner, the powdered green tea leaves can also have a stunning effect on your skin’s health. We rounded up some of our own favorite matcha-based skincare products so you can hop on this (well-deserved) hype train not just internally, but externally as well.

Alma Botanicals Super Green Mask

Almost every mask nowadays claims to be revitalizing in some way, but this powder mask from Alma Botanicals, formulated with both matcha and kelp as well as white and green clay to hold it all together, is a 20-minute seaweed facial for the days where you have absolutely no time to visit an actual spa. Just mix in a few drops of water to achieve your desired consistency and you're good to go. The organic matcha protects the skin and helps to reduce breakouts while its antioxidant properties slow cell degeneration so your skin stays tight, retains moisture, and keeps a uniform color. The kelp (pacific seaweed to be exact) provides the moisture, while also drawing out toxins and reducing inflammation. It’s a super-powered, every day type of mask that will get you and your skin ready for any kind of night out.

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Matcha Wake-Up Wipes

It’s easy to be skeptical about a product whose claims indicate that it will cut down a significant portion of your morning routine. However, these wipes–which not only clean your skin but brighten it with vitamin c, soothe and moisturize it with aloe vera, and wake you up with the caffeinated properties of matcha–are the real deal. They won’t completely replace your morning cup of the caffeinated beverage of your choice, and you should probably still put on your daily moisturizer after using them, but they’re perfect for giving you that extra push when you’ve just rolled out of bed, need to wash your face, and are trying desperately not to call in sick and just go back to sleep. The wipe form also makes them conducive to being a gym bag staple; after a workout, they’re an easily tossable kick in the pants to go continue being productive instead of rewarding yourself for a job well done by just going home and watching tv.

PLANT Apothecary Matcha Antioxidant Mask

You know those late nights where you just want to apologize to your skin in advance? This mask is the ultimate “I’m sorry” for the morning after. PLANT Apothecary’s mask, which unifies the anti-inflammatory properties of matcha with the soothing properties of chamomile, harnesses an amazing combination for distressed and irritated skin. From redness to bug bites, if your skin is freaking out at you, this is going to be your best bet in taming it. PLANT Apothecary have created an incredibly gentle mask that will reduce irritation when any other mask is just going to irritate your skin further. Like the Alma mask, it's a powder mask too—one you can use as liberally as you want.

CocoKind Collective MyMatcha Moisturizing Stick

It turns out that moisturizing sticks are incredibly versatile, and CocoKind's, which is made with only 3 USDA-approved organic ingredients (matcha, virgin coconut oil, and beeswax) is the perfect size to carry wherever life takes you, particularly if you can’t carry multiple moisturizing products with you. Need something to soothe dry irritated skin? It can do that. Need something for chapped lips? That too. Need something to give you a slight dewy (but not sparkly) highlight? The green of the stick sheers out, so can use it for that, too. It’s a desert-island style multitool for the modern skincare aficionado, and easy enough to throw in the smallest of bags due to its just-larger-than-a-lip-balm size. A bonus? With only 3 ingredients, the chances of it irritating your skin are incredibly low.

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