Sustainability Meets Technology in 2020: Luxury Swimwear with Botanical Beach Babes

Sustainability Meets Technology in 2020: Luxury Swimwear with Botanical Beach Babes

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Sustainability Meets Technology in 2020: Luxury Swimwear with Botanical Beach Babes

Sustainable fashion advocates are building their legacy by merging creativity, technology, and sustainability. Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles® is one of the leading U.S.A. (North American) distributors of luxury sustainable swimwear and resort wear apparel made using eco-friendly regenerated nylon that is resistant to chlorine and oils. The apparel brand was founded by female fashion marketing executives from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. The brand features an elegant assortment of luxury sustainable resort wear styles exclusively created by their global network of Fashion Designers and VIP Influencers from Los Angeles, Australia, Italy, Switzerland & Spain.  

Sustainability & Philanthropy:

Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles® was created to empower women with the confidence to express their femininity, beautifully and naturally. The founders believe that “Fast-Fashion has had a devastating effect on our beautiful oceans. We are trying to change that one product at a time by infusing ethical practices and responsibilities from concept to creation.” Botanical Beach Babes started out as a philanthropy project aimed at promoting sustainable swimwear designers at both the “2019 Oceana Sea Change Gala” in Laguna Beach, California, as well as the “2019 Monte Carlo Global Ocean’s Gala” Presided by Sir HSH Prince Albert II in Monaco.

Exclusively, Made In Italy: 

This year in Spring, the brand has cultivated exclusive collaborations with Istituto Marangoni, Italy Fashion Stylist & Designer Maria Ludovica Campana of Amoure Swimwear. The new Amoure Collection featured at Botanical Beach Los Angeles® is an Italian lifestyle brand committed to a contemporary quality of life utilizing luxurious sustainable fabrics, precision, & passionate detailing. 

One of the key elements that set this U.S. based online luxury retail and designer brand apart from any other e-commerce company promoting sustainability is that all of Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles® apparel collections are designed “exclusively” to complement each Creative Director’s lifestyle & personality. The brand’s fashion designers’ contracts are performance-based and managed in the same way as recording artists signed to major record labels. Each new designer is presented with an exclusive deal to design a limited-edition, sustainable collection of resort wear styles that is projected to be sold out by a specific date. Once the item is sold out, the company no longer designs a full run of that particular product model, so that their clientele always has something new to look forward to. 

The company also believes in the ethical practice of providing its production team with a living wage, which also reflects the pricing model of its merchandise. Small batch apparel production design made using luxurious and sustainable fabrics is what Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles® specializes in, so customers will never find another retail website selling its exact same designs online. 

Summer of Pandemic:

Their scheduled Summer 2020 World Tour to present the new collection was disrupted by Covid-19, and the campaign was launched in Mykonos at the Cavatagoo Resort in Greece where Maja Malnar, an award-winning high fashion blogger from London who was discovered when she won the “2019 Influencer Awards Show” in Monaco for Best Lifestyle Account, was granted an exclusive contract with Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles® to promote their stunning line of sustainable resort wear designs. Their eco-friendly collection of women’s swimwear can be seen at the best beaches and luxurious resorts all over the world. 

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