Swarovski Announces New Partnership with Dover Street Market Paris

Swarovski is putting their sparkling spin on limited-edition releases from Weinsanto, Liberal Youth Ministry and Phileo

Swarovski’s latest partnership? A new collaboration with a range of exciting brands at Dover Street Market Paris Brand Development aimed at helping to nurture some of the more innovative emerging talents in fashion. The brands getting Swarovski’s glittery touch include Weinsanto, Liberal Youth Ministry and Phileo, together creating a new range of clothing, footwear and accessories injected with the brand’s signature shimmer. 

From Weisanto, customers can expect a partnership committed to flamboyance and vibrant color, launching a new sparkling take on their Weinsanto Bag in a yellow leather that brings together elegance and edge with its structured shame and all-over Swarovski embellishment. Liberal Youth Ministry’s collaboration, launching in March, will feature three designs that strike a balance between luxury fashion and streetwear: a Dream Baby Dream skirt inspired by both Aztec art and 80s and 90s subcultures, a Dream Baby Dream Sweater featuring an ombré design and Swarovski’s octagonal motif and an oversized Dream Baby Dream t-shirt in both yellow and green colorways. In terms of footwear, Phileo has created a limited-edition release of their 005 Crystal Derby with Swarovski crystals, creating an attention-grabbing, statement-making shoe that is even embedded with screws topped with clear Swarovski Crystals. All of the collaborations maintain the original DNA of the designers while being infused with the Swarovski edge to create unique, effervescent pieces. 

“Craftsmanship, collaboration, and innovation are integral to Swarovski’s DNA, which is why we are so proud of our Creators Lab platform,” says Peter Widmann, Head of B2B, Collaborations & Licensing at Swarovski. “It is such an exciting space for us to co-create brilliant new crystallized designs with esteemed brands worldwide, and to offer unique and collectible products to our customers.” 

Under Swarovski’s Creators Lab, these collaborations will offer a new entry point into the crystal lifestyle with products that showcase both innovative design and craftsmanship, two points integral to the company. Based in partnership, the creative lab functions as a platform that allows the company to create collectible, limited-release items with brands worldwide, something that comes as a natural evolution for the brand given Swarovski’s long heritage of collaborations in fashion, film, theater, music and design. Previous collaborators include Aquazzura, Golden Goose, Judith Leiber, Amina Muaddi and more. 

All designs are exclusively available online through the Swarovski Creators Lab and in select Swarovski stores. The Weinsanto Bag launches on January 26 and the Liberal Youth Ministry and Phileo pieces launch on March 6. Discover more about Swarovski Creators Lab at swarovski.com. 

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