Swarovski Set To Launch New Created Diamond Collection

Merging science with artistry, the luxury jeweler is introducing a line of expertly constructed environmental diamonds this Fall

In 1985, Swarovski initiated its now longstanding legacy as the finest quality crystal manufacturer the world had ever seen. Now, nearly 40 years later, the Austrian brand is launching their newest distinguishing commodity: the Created Diamonds jewelry collection. After a run of successful sales in a handful of US locations, these “diamonds of the future” will enter stores in the States and Canada over the next year, forging a path in sustainable luxury.

Designed identically to mined diamonds, Swarovski’s Created Diamonds are crafted in-laboratory, replicating a diamond’s natural forming process with the delicate layering of carbon seeds. Identical in chemical composition, physical appearance, and visual allure, they boast the brand’s aptitude for uniting scientific forethought with high-value, desirable products.

“Swarovski’s created diamonds are 100% real–they are identical to mined diamonds in every way except their origin,” says Alexis Nasard, Swarovski’s Chief Executive Officer. “This expansion is a key manifestation of our LUXignite strategy, focusing on luxurization, innovation, and serving customers in the key US market and beyond.”

Arriving this Fall in-store and online, the Created Diamonds collection includes four ranges: earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets crafted from 18K and 14K gold and sterling silver. The collection is also designed to offset the energy used to produce the accessories, ensuring that the process is certified climate neutral. Combining precision-cut stones, sleek hardware, and a minimal sensibility the brand has become known for, the range is a welcomed entry point for consumers into the dazzling world of fine diamonds.

“Swarovski’s brand equity, unique savoir-faire, and artistry give us the legitimacy to enter the fine jewelry market,” Nasard explains. “We look forward to delighting more customers with the ultimate combination of creativity and materials through our Created Diamonds.”

Swarovski Created Diamonds jewelry collection will be available in 200 stores in the US and Canada over the next year, and online at Swarovski.com from November 2022.

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