Swarovski has decided to expand their ‘Created Diamonds’ category by unveiling their new galactically inspired fall 2023 collection. Designed by Global Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert, the collection is titled ‘Galaxy,’ after the jewelry’s dazzling similarity to glittering stars and ethereal cosmos. The 19-piece range showcases necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets inspired by the birth of the cosmos, the wonders of faraway galaxies, and the boundless energy of space.

“The confluence of diamonds, Swarovski’s heritage, and my creative vision has culminated in a collection that embraces the birth of new dimensions for the universe of Swarovski,” says Engelbert. “What truly excites me is the accessibility to this beauty, thereby elevating the possibilities of customers’ creativity in their self-expression.”

Each piece in the collection showcases an array of diamond cuts, expertly made to capture sparkles, dazzles, and light, similar to that of the stars. Certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), each piece features either a diamond solitaire wrapped around finely cut stones, or a bundle of cascading diamonds in diverse cuts to resemble floating diamonds. 

Myrtille Clement-Fromentel, Swarovski’s Chief Brand Officer, says that the Austrian brand’s founding values have always been rooted in the care for the people and our planet. Made with 100% renewable energy and recycled gold, Swarovski’s foundation also lies with innovation. “Now with Swarovski Created Diamonds,” says Clement-Fromentel, “we delight our customers with the diamonds of the future.” 

100% identical to that of mined diamonds, Swarovski Created Diamonds only differ in where they originate. Starting from a tiny carbon seed, and slowly forming layer-by-layer, the diamond grows until they are cut precisely and gently polished.  The ‘Galaxy’ collection is graded and certified by the IGI—just like mined diamonds—according to the 4Cs of diamond quality: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. 

Courtesy of Swarovski

Swarovski Created Diamonds are no stranger to success, as their debut roll-out in the US and Canada continues as a smashing hit. The ‘Galaxy’ collection is available beginning from September 18 in stores across the US and Canada.

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