Swarovski Launches Sustainable Crystal Collection

Swarovski brings new life into old crystals with their new collection.

Swarovski has unveiled a new crystal collection called Fluenta. However, unlike other collections from the brand, these designs use sustainable practices to breathe new life into old crystals.

The Fluenta collection is one of the first showcases of Swarovski’s many sustainability efforts. This line of jewelry features Swarovski reignited crystals, which are unused crystal stock that would otherwise go to waste. On top of that, the crystals are set in 90% recycled metal ribbons to fully commit to sustainable practices.

Fluenta’s use of recycled materials lowers the over CO2 emissions of production and of the brand as a whole. All while offering a slightly more affordable selection than their products produced from raw materials.

The aesthetics of the collection center around flowiness, ribbons, and waves. Which, in a way, plays off the motif of recycling. This is because recycling is a cyclically flowing process, and the cultural imagery we use to talk about recycling is about a flow from production to reproduction.

So, it makes sense that the products created from recycled materials be presented in a way that reflects their cyclical nature.

That’s why all of the jewelry in the collection contain flowing ribbons, circle patterns, and even ear cuffs that resemble the popular recycling symbol we all know just reinterpreted in a more creative, editorial way.

Some of the collection is on sale now, and the collection as a whole features six unique pieces. There are two kinds of earrings, ear cuffs, a bangle, a ring, and a necklace pendant with a matching design as one of the earrings.

However, only the ring, bangle, and necklace pendant are currently available for purchase, with the ear cuffs and earrings arriving soon.

With the Fluenta collection, Swarovski joins a collection of luxury brands that are proving sustainability can be high fashion, and V are so excited for the future of greener practices in fashion.

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