Swarowski Embraces Color in New Watch Collection

Swarovski’s watch collections got a colorful summer revamp.

Swarovski has unveiled a new watch collection, filled with bright colors and summery, joyful new designs. The collection features a wide range of timepieces inspired by the signature Millenia jewelry family, with oversized crystals contrasted by a minimalist face.

The jewelry watch.

The jewelry watch is the foundation of the collection, with an octagon face and crystal index markers. It comes in severl jewel-toned shades, from pink to amber.

The jewelry watch.

Alongside the jewelry watch, the collection also features updated designs for other iconic Swarovski watches, an ode to the brands more than 125 years of craftsmanship and innovation. The far-reaching collection infused the playful energy of the jewelry watches, while paying tribute to the glamour and style of the original Swarovski watch families.

The first updated watch family is is Octea Lux family, now coming in the Octea Lux Chrono and the Octea Lux Sport. The Chrono is a statement piece, with a new oversized face, a leather band, chronograph detailing, and bright new colorways. The Sport is both stylish and funtional, with a stainless steel chain link and a faceted crystal bezel on the oversized face.

From the Crystalline family, the revamped Crystalline Delight comes with a case filled with hundreds of Swarovski crystals, creating a luxe, shimmering watch face. Set with a jewelry bangle in pastel pink and grey, it’s the perfect nighttime watch. The Swiss-made Crystalline Aura watch also got an elegant revamp, now coming with a slim leather or metal strap and a paired-down face with two crystal details.


Finally, Swarovski also re-created the Cosmopolitan watch, with a chic, stripped-back silhouette and two new colorways: deep navy and silver/rose gold pavé.

The entire new Swarovski watch collection is available in select Swarovski stores, and online.

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