Sweet Little 420 Highs

An introduction to a safe spectrum of 2 mg – 10 mg THC edibles 

Flying in from New York, you’re an adult in a candy store when you walk into a MedMen in LA. It’s like entering an annual friends and family, invite-only sample sale for Versace, Celine or Prada. Your heart is racing and you want to buy everything without knowing what you’re buying. Who. Cares. You’re here.

There are so many ways to consume marijuana. Smoke it, vape it, pop it or eat it. The act of smoking and vaping could trigger nicotine cravings. Popping a THC or CBD pill sucks the joy out of getting stoned and brings it to medicinal territory. However, mints and gummies are a nice equivalent to how we could feel about marijuana. A petite treat. 

Gone are the days when someone offers you a “special brownie” out of a ziplock bag that’s been inside their cargo pants for two days. You might’ve shrugged and said “Fuck It” at 2 a.m. to find yourself gagging in a toilet by 5 a.m. and completely inebriated, paranoid, vowing to never take candy from strangers under your breath, as you guzzle a gallon of water. Those days are behind us. We’ve come a long way in weed culture where we can microdose 2 mg of THC in a honey stick all the way to 100 mg in a chocolate bar. You can choose to be productive or relaxed and in control of your mind and body because it’s packaged and labeled. MedMen has an amazing resource on their website where you can shop according to your level of experience, strain, and effect. But if you’re not sure how to navigate around weed and are looking to chat with someone who won’t judge you, check out their store locations when Rona’s out of the picture. In the meantime, here are our recos for a sweet little high. 

Kikoko Honey Shot Snooze 2 mg

Highly recommended for a family member who comes over, always has an opinion and could use a little nap before you call them an uber. Also recommended to complement your turmeric tea before bed.

Berry Daytime Breez 2.5 mg

If you’re a rookie, this is a good starter to help take the edge off in a chill environment. For the more experienced, I’d recommend mints for creative meetings that require you to listen and engage in collaborative conversation. 

Camino Uplifting Pineapple Habanero 5 mg

5 mg puts you in a nice cruise state where you can be productive and a little stoned. Puts a little pep in your step for weekend errands, laundry folding and grocery shopping. This takes away feelings of random and daily irritability that kicks in around 3-4 pm. 

Smokiez Sour Watermelon Gummies 10 mg

A crowd-pleaser. When you’re invited to someone’s home for a group dinner and don’t know your wines, bring a bag of these. It’s a hybrid so it won’t knock anyone out. It puts people in a good mood, gets the conversation going and the evening should end with lots of giggles. If your night doesn’t end with giggles, you need new friends.

Half Lit Hot Mama Mango 10 mg

When you don’t feel like sharing or when you voluntarily look to social distance in the future. Although it’s “half lit” 10 mg of THC for an average person, this will get you lit enough. Start by organizing your room, open up a window, light up a palo santo smudge stick, do some yoga, read a book, hop on Tindr or Grindr. You get it.

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