Sydney Sweeney is Set To Star and Produce in Sony’s Barbarella Reboot

The White Lotus star is checking in to save the galaxy

Sydney Sweeney seems to be everywhere in Hollywood since becoming the breakout star of Euphoria and season one of The White Lotus. But now, the star is launching to new heights and into outer space to save the galaxy from evil as Barbarella.

Sweeney isn’t just set to star as the crime-fighting intergalactic heroine but also to be the executive producer of the film for Sony Pictures. She seems to have confirmed the project and her role in it with an Instagram post of Barbarella and the caption “time to save the universe.”

Although nobody knows the specifics of the reboot, it will likely follow a similar premise as the original 1968 classic. The classic starred Jane Fonda as Barbarella and saw a 41st-century astronaut go on a mission to stop the mad scientist Durand Durand from using his positronic ray to bring evil back to our universe.

Although the original film didn’t become a major box-office success, since its release, it has continued to garner fans and has even arguably become a cult classic film.

The film is speculated to still be in the early stages of production, with no writer or director known to be on the project yet.

Jane Fonda as Barbarella | Sunset Boulevard / Contributor / Corbis Historical via Getty Images

Sweeney has recently become a favorite of Sony’s as they have tapped her to co-star in its Marvel movie Madame Webb with Dakota Johnson and to produce and star in The Registration, which the studio recently acquired.

Outside of the Sony world, Sweeney has also earned Emmy nominations for her roles in The White Lotus and Euphoria. Her Euphoria role arguably is the reason Sweeney has become one of the most sought-after young talents in the industry and could be the reason she was chosen to take on the cult classic role.

With all her talent and recent success V are definitely excited to see what she does as the star and producer of the cult classic film.

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