SZA Incident at Sephora Inspires Diversity Training Today

Following a mishap involving SZA, a security guard, and Fenty makeup, Sephora is closing stores nationally to focus on diversity.

When SZA causes a stir, the world pays attention. Last April, when the songstress tweeted about a racial bias incident at the Calabasas Sephora involving a security guard and some Fenty, both the singer’s fans and social justice advocates rallied behind her. “Can a bitch cop her fenty in peace er whut”, she followed up.

Sephora flew into corrective action, and today, the brand’s closing for one hour nationwide for a diversity workshop. This also comes on the heels of the brand’s “We Belong to Something Beautiful” campaign, emphasizing unity and diversity in their customers and employees.

Sephora isn’t the first to close for diversity training, and definitely not the only brand reeling from socially ignorant incidents in the past year. Last May, Starbucks also closed temporarily to focus on social sensitivities with their employees, and fashion has had its own slew of mishaps both regarding in-store experiences and tone-deaf designs.

Sephora We Belong to Something Beautiful
We Belong to Something Beautiful, Illustration by Craig and Karl

Regular store hours are set to resume following the diversity training workshops. In terms of making it right, looks like Rihanna had the store beat: she sent SZA a Fenty gift card with a personalized note to make sure the R&B singer could “go buy [her] fenty in peace”.


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