Take a Class with Dan Levy (Seriously)

A free college class. With Dan Levy. What else do you need?

Have you ever wanted to take a class with Dan Levy? Well, now you can. This Schitt’s Creek star is joining a college course offered through the University of Alberta — and you can join him… for free.

Levy posted the news of his enrollment on Instagram this week and called out others to sign-up as well. Indigenous Canada is an online course offered through the University of Alberta and explores the history and contemporary issues facing the Indigenous of Canada. 

“I thought if I was gonna sign up and learn, some other people would want to sign up and join me and we could do this as a group,” Levy said. “Because if you’re anything like me, I was not a good student, I need group support and I think this is a great way of doing that.”




Dr. Paul Gareau, the course professor, will guide you (and Levy) through a twelve-week course that requires your attention for only three to five hours a week. Some special guests include Indigenous study experts with concentrations in gender and women’s studies such as Dr. Tracy Bear.  

Need some help with your Indigenous Canada homework? Levy will be hosting weekly online discussions with professors and special guests featured in the class. The discussions will delve into the Indigenous fur trade, environmental issues, legal systems and political activism. 

On top of signing up for this University of Alberta class, Levy has had one busy year. Schitts Creek recently reeled in 15 Emmy nominations, including Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Levy. Disney also signed an Overall Deal with Levy as he is expected to develop and write content for the company.


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