Take A Ride On The Innovative MONCLER MATE.BIKE

The limited-edition eBike is perfect for cruising through the snowy mountain tops.

Moncler Genius joins forces with MATE.BIKE for the ultimate electric bike collaboration. Specifically designed for the extreme terrain of the mountain and the snow, MONCLER MATE.BIKE offers a new and progressive look at travel all while intersecting with fashion, technology, and sustainability. 

The bike is made with space-grade aluminum and comes in the colors “PEAK WHITE” and “DEEP BLACK.” MONCLER MATE.BIKE features two motor options with a performance-tuned 250 watts or 1’000 watts and throttle speeds of 25 kilometers per hour. The rechargeable battery can tackle steep ascents with 48 volts, the highest capacity in the industry ensuring 110 kilometers on a single charge. You can also unlock extra speed by typing a special code that unleashes its full potential of near 50 kilometers per hour. 

On top of its sleek style and durable protection, the eBike also folds away in three easy steps and includes a versatile hooded mantel in three-layer nylon, which can act as a cape, pillow, or battery cover. The mantel is completely waterproof and fully thermotaped, designed to protect against unexpected storms. Lastly, the innovative bike features a hydraulic braking system and can be connected to 4G, which allows for accurate temperature readings on those frigid winter days.

The limited-edition MONCLER MATE.BIKE is now available in selected Moncler boutiques and available for pre-order online.

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