Take A Trip To Athens With The Dior Cruise 2022 Show

Commemorating the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution with Goddess inspired fashion.

With the country of Greece as its muse, the Dior Cruise 2022 show took place at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens on Thursday. Models took the runway – the track around the historic stadium – in ethereal, Greek inspired pieces.

The iconic stadium was illuminated only by the orange glow of fires lined up in the center of the stadium, reminiscent of the Olympic flame. Strobe lights flashed on, illuminating the scene in a heavenly white glow. Then, the sounds of the string orchestra and echoing voices filled up the nearly empty venue, as models began their single-filed walk around the track.

The Greek Goddess themed looks included toga-inspired dresses, gold accents and neutral colors. Modernized, however, by gold accented running shoes.

Images courtesy of Dior.

This marks only the first stop on the cruise.

Following the neutrals, bright gold and blue took the spotlight in a regal display. Bold prints and metallic foil jackets and accessories marked the second stop, with a tangibly more athletic style. 

Images courtesy of Dior.

Warlike designs were a pronounced nod to the military prowess of several of the ancient Greek cities. Pieces included more subtle hints, such as navy blue stripes suggestive of naval capabilities. However, explicit depictions of soldiers and goddesses, as well as breastplates and houndstooth print took center stage.

Images courtesy of Dior.

The singer, ethereal in a flowing sheer gown, returned to the stage for another song. “Let the swan sing,” she chanted.

And the swan sang. The final piece of the collection was truly its swan song: a ruffled white ball gown, the body of the swan, with its neck around the model’s neck.

Image courtesy of Dior.

Once the swan left the stadium, the lights dimmed once again while the orchestra continued softly. Suddenly, fireworks exploded in the sky and the singer – who had been silent – began her calls once again.

As she sang, all of the models marched out onto the track at once, warlike. Red fireworks continued to go off above them, as the singer’s voice mingled with the sounds of the explosions.

The powerful collection, and the show’s location, commemorate 200 years since the Greek Revolution. Showcasing both the ethereal beauty of Greek mythology, as well as the country’s historically renowned military strength.



Watch the show here:

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