Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Squash Beef in New Video

The two took their “beef” to the physical level with comical fast-food outfits.

Looks like the only beef left between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is on a bun. With the release of Swift’s colorful new music video, for “You Need To Calm Down,” the two pop stars put their famous feud to bed while wearing comical fast food ensembles. Perry’s burger look made its debut early last month when she wore it as a second look at the Met Gala; the theme was camp.

The two global pop stars have never confirmed the origins of their long-standing ill will, but many believe it dates a decade back to Swift’s performance with John Mayer, Perry’s then-recent ex. Swift even wrote a suspiciously specific track about a possible romance between her and Mayer, titled “Dear John.” That wasn’t the only track either; the subject of “Bad Blood” was famously attributed to Katy Perry. The minutiae in between is endless, and now meaningless as the two have matured and moved on.

This past Valentines Day, news outlets confirmed Perry’s engagement to actor Orlando Bloom. Though not yet set to wed, Taylor Swift is similarly in a committed relationship with actor Joe Alwyn.

“You Need To Calm Down” will be included on Swift’s forthcoming album Lover.

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