Taylor Swift Teases New Album “Lover” With LGBTQ+ Single

The songstress gave us the name and an August 7th release date for her new album “Lover”, and dropped an LGBTQ+ allyship anthem to match.

When it comes to her music, Taylor Swift is cryptic. She’s not unfamiliar with creating an ambiguous release calendar, or hiding subliminal messages in a music video. But today, Swift was forthright, giving her parched fans some much-needed information and new tunes. TS7, Swift’s new album and 7th in her discography, finally has a name: Lover. And with the announcement of this romance-inspired moniker, Swift also dropped a new single, which features some defense of everyone’s right to love.

We don’t know much about Lover yet, but there’s plenty to dive into with its second single, “You Need To Calm Down”. Following “Me!” (Lover‘s first single), “You Need To Calm Down” feels like quintessential Taylor Swift. A synth-fueled melody and a few snarky lyrics align this song with her exuberant brand; pop music business as usual. It sounds like just another upbeat addition to Swift’s lively catalogue, but its unique message makes it stand out.

It’s not the first time she’s publicly supported the LGBTQ+ community, but “You Need To Calm Down” is Swift’s first musical mark of allyship. The song starts with lyrics criticizing her haters, but then she defends the queer community in the face of theirs with the song’s second verse. She pines, “… control your urges to scream about all the people you hate/’Cause shade never made anybody less gay.” Lines like that, among a few others in the song, not only add to its message, but validate her support for a marginalized group. Although applicable for year-round listening, “You Need To Calm Down” feels especially built for Pride month.

As we just found out, Lover will be released August 23rd. Set your calendars, Swifties!

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