teamLab Returns to Mifuneyama Rakuen Park for Another Enchanting Exhibition

Where technology and nature create art.

The Japanese collective of interdisciplinary artists, teamLab—self-described as ‘ultra-technologists’—will return this summer for their annual outdoor exhibition.

As part of the ‘Digitized Nature’ project, the immersive exhibition will take place in the forest of Mifuneyama Rakuen, a flower-laden site that expands over 500,000-square-meters of land at the base of Mt. Mifune. The park is famous for the 3,000-year-old sacred Okusu tree of Takeo Shrine and the statues depicting the 500 disciples of Buddha. 

Titled “A Forest Where Gods Live,” this enchanting experience features 22 works exhibited throughout the forest and garden. It creates a place, “where we can transcend the boundary in our understanding of the continuity of time and feel the long, long continuity of life,” teamLab explains

Returning for its sixth year, the conceptual project comments on the use of technology to transform natural landscapes into art, noninvasively. Some of the works include small boats on the surface of Mifuneyama Rakuen Pond and a projection of a waterfall on the large sacred rock of Inari Daimyojin shrine. The interactive exhibition merges both the natural and artificial to create an illuminating sight. 

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