TELFAR Announces 36-Hour Coveted Bag Security Program III

In a limited time drop, TELFAR allows shoppers to create a custom bag of their choosing, to ship out in spring of next year.

Ready, set, run—actually, take that back, sprint—to TELFAR for the third edition of the oh-so-coveted Bag Security Program. Beginning on Oct. 5 at 12 p.m. EDT until Oct. 6 at 11:59 p.m. EDT, the fastest shoppers will be able to order a custom bag of their choosing, which will be shipped directly to the lucky buyer on March 31, 2022. TELFAR, founded in 2004 by Telfar Clemens in New York City, is a Black-owned, genderless fashion project that has made and continues to make waves throughout the fashion industry. With a pop-up, surprise drop business model, TELFAR is shaking up the traditional collection release format and it is definitely working. 


Aptly deemed the “Bushwick Birkin,” the exclusive TELFAR purses arrive just as quickly as they sell out. With many TELFAR drops selling out within a matter of minutes, the hard-to-get purses have garnered quite the cult following. This third edition Bag Security Program (BSPIII) is a pre-sale event allowing customers to create a Shopping Bag of their own and choose size, color, and quantity without any limitations. The custom bag may not come instantly, but the spring of next year arrival date is surely worth the wait, for a bag made just for you. BSPIII excludes collaborations and silhouettes outside of the Shopping Bag, but does allow customers to pay in four increments with Klarna. 

Image courtesy of TELFAR

The 36-hour shopping window, spanning Oct. 5-6, is integrated in and featured on TELFAR TV (TTV) for an even more interactive experience. Performances, announcements, and call-ins from surprise guests to chat with Clemens are broadcasted on the 24 hour Live-Linear TV network. In collaboration with the Ummah Chroma Collective (“community of colour”), this one and a half day BSPIII event on TTV is showing a sampling of what viewers can expect to see on the network moving forward.        


Without any concrete content, TTV allows viewers to partake in the creation and evolution of the channel by sending in videos of their own. TELFAR explains that “we are tired of being content for other channels,” and is taking back the narrative on a network of its own. Viewers can expect to see live shows, information and announcements about upcoming drops, videos from other TELFAR fans, the community, and exclusive drips—a targeted drop that is available at random, unannounced times throughout the day—that will not be available elsewhere. Plus, it will be the only avenue to get the new and highly anticipated duffel bag. 

Image courtesy of TELFAR

Whether you want to stay up-to-date on all things BSPIII, upcoming drips, or the TELFAR community as a whole, tuning into TTV is the surest way to do so. Available on television platforms via the App Store, Apple TV, Roku, and Google Play, or on TELFAR’s dedicated webpage, engage in the welcoming community at any hour of the day. 


“It’s not for you—it’s for everyone,” TELFAR declares on its site. To become a part of the TELFAR community with a Shopping Bag of your own, rush over to the designated site now. The clock is ticking.        


Image courtesy of TELFAR
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