Telfar Launches Its New Duffle Bag on TELFAR TV

A new cult-like bag is gonna sweep the street

How popular is Telfar Shopping Bag? Wandering around New York City, you’d see young girls and boys carrying a shopping bag embossed with a logo “T” on the front. Yes, that’s the Telfar Shopping Bag, a.k.a  “The Bushwick Birkin.” Passing by them, you may have ignored their delicate makeup and intricate accessories, but you have had a glance at the bag. It’s the bag that you can’t move your eyes off, the bag that you may have dreamed of, and the bag that clearly becomes an identity symbol among young, chic New Yorkers. You only wish you had one. 

September 29 was the day. On Wednesday, TELFAR launched its first new bag, the duffle bag, in 7 years since the Shopping Bag in 2014 via its new 24hr Live-Linear TV network, TELFAR TV. The brand used the word “drip” instead of “drop” for the new release.  Telfar explained on the website, “A drip is a targeted drop. Basically — at random, unannounced times throughout the day we will flash a QR code on screen for 1 minute: scan it with your phone and get your bag. A drip is less bags than a drop — but your chances of getting one is higher.” 

It may sound a bit counterintuitive, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing for diehard Telfar fans. In this way, it’s hard for bots to infiltrate through the process, leaving real human beings for the new bag only. Came in 3 sizes as usual – small, medium and large – this barrel-shaped bag is made of vegan leather. Two classic “T” logos are stamped on both sides as side pockets. With detachable shoulder straps, you can wear it as either a side bag or a handbag.

Only available on TELFAR TV, customers can download the platform on a television via the App Store (compatible with APPLE TV, ROKU, GOOGLE PLAY). More easily, viewers can watch on the brand’s webpage. On Sep 29 around 12:00 PM, a random DRIP ALERT popped up on the screen, and a QR code appeared for 1 minute for viewers to scan the code. 


People on social media lamented never securing one. Unsurprisingly, it’s just Telfar’s cult-like popularity.


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