Thanksgiving Outfits for The V Man

A little more to be thankful for

This year’s thanksgiving promises to be…different, to say the very least. Most of us are staying home or within our chosen bubbles to stay safe and keep others safe. 

But people have been creative this holiday season, coming up with some pretty spiffy looks and outfits for at-home gatherings. Then why not dress up for the perfect Zoom holiday? Or, for future reference, to keep some pieces handy and ready for when we can embrace the world again.

Here are some of our favorite pieces for clean and crisp Thanksgiving outfits, sandwiched between all the colors of the fall-winter transition period.


Ermenegildo Zegna classic denim shirt ($400)

Image credits: Ermenegildo Zegna

Denim on something other than jeans has the ability to be somewhat polarizing: can it be formal? Is it too casual? This Ermenegildo Zegna shirt can pass for both, being structured like a formal shirt that can be adapted to any style.

Tom Ford Garment Dyed Cotton Twill Overshirt ($460)

Image credits: Tom Ford

This garment dyed overshirt may look plain from afar, but is extremely detailed up close, made with cotton twill. The fabric gives it extra sturdiness and a smooth finish that easily shows up normal cotton.

Aimé Leon Dore Tan & Beige Casentino Wool Shirt ($495)

Image credits: Aimé Leon Dore

It’s two-toned, yes, that’s definitely good enough. But then this shirt is also made of fuzzy wool. It’s the perfect wear for the transition period of cold-but-not-too-cold weather.

Gucci Multicolor Liberty London Edition Mary Shirt ($730)

Image credits: Gucci

Part of the Gucci x Liberty London collab, this multicolor patterned shirt is ideal for those looking to experiment with more color in their wardrobe without going too bold with it.


Bottega Veneta Tan Rib Sweater ($1670)

Image credits: Bottega

It’s often hard to pull off layers without losing some body shape/definition, but this sweater’s asymmetrical overlay helps combat that. The fabric hugs the body and keeps you warm without swallowing you up.

Loewe Oversized Colour-Block Sweater ($566)

Image credits: Loewe

This color block sweater is made with the right oversized proportions to give you a nice slouch and feel like a hug. The sweater also totes Loewe’s eye emblem, their reimagination of the third eye chakra.

John Elliott Burn Out Mock Neck Sweatshirt ($268) 

Image credits: John Elliott

This mock neck sweatshirt manages to give the wearer some slack that doesn’t make the patterning on the front overbearing. The burn out and raw knit on the hems and distressing throughout are great for more street style looks.

John Smedley Knitted Bedrock Sweater ($217)

Image credits: John Smedley

This merino wool piece is another body-hugger that doesn’t remove the wearer’s shape. The pattern is representative of the bedrock marble formations, hence the name.


Louis Vuitton Technical Elasticated Pants ($1010)

Image credits: Louis Vuitton

With a looser fit and elasticated ankles and waist, these LV pants are made for comfort. They’re a little more casual than the other options, but that’s what makes it a better option for an at-home Thanksgiving.

Topman Brown Check Skinny Pants ($40.90)

Image credits: Topman

These pants are a skinnier fit and the checked pattern makes them quite the versatile wear: a bohemian Thanksgiving, a day at the park, or just coffee.

Zara Textured Pants ($49.90)

Image credits: Zara

These textured pants don’t lose the comfort of normal joggers or sweatpants, while still retaining a distinctly formal and put-together aesthetic, amplified by the cuffed hems.

Wales Bonner Burgundy adidas Originals Edition Rock Trousers ($280)

Image credits: Wales Bonner

These pants come courtesy of the Wales Bonner x adidas Originals collection, influenced by Bonner’s Jamaican roots. The creasing and the black panelling at the inseams create a skinnier leg while maintaining a straight fit, an example of its fine tailoring.


Common Projects Original Leather Achilles Mid ($450)

Image credits: Common Projects

This leather shoe has the feel and sturdiness of a larger boot while keeping the shape of a sneaker. The gold foil detail at the side makes it stand out and, honestly, just looks really comfy.

Zara Lug Sole Leather Boots ($149)

Image credits: Zara

In this weather? Who are we kidding to be walking around with shoes that are just fancy for show. Here’s where this boot comes in, distinctly stylish and extremely reliable for tougher trudges.

Gucci Jordaan Leather Loafer ($830) 

Image credits: Gucci

Loafers are some of the best options this season for comfort and versatility. This particular shoe undergoes an aging process carried out by hand, resulting in this unique color and a distressed look.

Salvatore Ferragamo Chelsea Boot ($1350)

Image credits: Salvatore Ferragamo

Made of calfskin leather, this boot blends the best of casual wear with stylish lines and touches, like with the heel and pointed toe. It’s a definite must-have for any occasion.

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