The 10 Most Unforgettable One Direction Moments To Commemorate Their Big Anniversary

Kick back, relax, and reminisce about the good ol’ days when One Direction was still very much a thing.

Nothing is a better reminder of how quickly time flies than One Direction turning a whole DECADE old tomorrow. When the band’s Instagram page posted for the first time in four years on Wednesday to tease a special 10-year anniversary surprise, fans understandably went crazy – like, Take Me Home Tour at the O2 Arena in 2012 crazy.

Although the group previously announced that their anniversary special will include some new archival content, including music videos and behind-the-scenes footage, 1D fans took to social media to speculate what exactly will go down on July 23, the day that Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn were put together as a group on The X Factor after auditioning as solo artists. Many believe a reunion is in the works; others think it may be an official breakup announcement (which we never really got, after all). But one thing is certain: all fans really want is to see the five boys that started off on those iconic X Factor stairs interacting and laughing together again.

Needless to say, being a One Direction fan has been an emotional rollercoaster since the very beginning – and they continue getting our heart rates up nearly five years after their last performance as a group (sans Zayn). From that painful day on March 25 to the release of This is Us, and even our cringiest moments as teens (does anyone remember 1D Imagines? Just me? Okay), this band has defined a lot of our lives (and emotional capacities) for the past decade. And since 1D fans practically invented “stan” culture, it’s no surprise that their loyalty knows no bounds to this day.

And even though all five boys are thriving post-1D, we can’t help but get sentimental ahead of this landmark anniversary. So, to commemorate the milestone and take a much-needed trip down memory lane, we’ve compiled a list of One Direction’s most unforgettable moments, proving that we do, in fact, have a whole lot of history.

1. The Video Diaries, 2011

The Video Diaries, premiering on the One Direction Youtube channel during their time on The X Factor, was a lot of fans’ initial introduction to the band. Starting as just simple shenanigans on the stairs and graduating to a full-fledged tour diary during their debut Up All Night Tour, these videos not only gave us classic 1D lines like “No, Jimmy protested!” and spin-off episodes like “Spin the Harry,” but they also made us fall totally and irreparably in love. (GIF by voicesonthestairs on Tumblr)

2. First Brit Awards, February 2012

The excitement in this GIF says it all. The boys won their first Brit Award in February of 2012, which came as no surprise to their fans but apparently a huge surprise to them. Things got even more exciting in their post-show interviews, where they seem to be completely plastered. Something tells me they didn’t end up splitting that award into five pieces like they said they would? (GIF by supercalifragilistious on Tumblr)

3. First Saturday Night Live Appearance, April 2012

The world got to really see the appeal of One Direction live from New York. The band’s first appearance on SNL, where they performed and took part in a skit alongside Sofia Vergara, marks the first of several classic 1D/SNL moments and was a huge milestone for the then newly-famous young men.

4. Performing at the Olympics, August 2012

Considering One Direction is composed of four Brits and an Irish guy, it’s really no shock that they were invited to perform at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony in London. Their performance of “What Makes You Beautiful” made even non-fans want to get up and dance. (GIF by stylesugh on Tumblr)

5. This is Us Movie, August 2013

The fact that we got a full-length movie dedicated to watching the boys be their weird, goofy selves during the Take Me Home Tour was already a blessing. Add in personal interviews, hometown visits, an iconic performance of “Teenage Dirtbag,” and a whole premiere event to celebrate, it really was THE time to be alive.

6. 1D Day Livestream, November 2013

One Direction really was ahead of its time when they hosted a seven-hour (!!!) livestream to promote their third studio album, Midnight Memories. This event was memorable for many reasons, namely the “Talk Dirty to Me” music video, the (super gross) food quiz, and hilarious fan interactions, to name a few. (GIF by quietasides on Tumblr)

7. Where We Are Tour, April 2014

As the first stadium tour for the band, the Where We Are era was defined by thousands of fans filling up entire arenas and a more rock n’ roll, edgier vibe to 1D (featuring Harry’s headscarves). The most unforgettable part, however, was the “around the world” intro right before they took the stage that got the adrenaline pumping like nothing else. (GIF by babustyles on Tumblr)

8. Meeting the Royals, November 2014

Not only did 1D get to meet Prince William and Kate Middleton face-to-face (or did the royals get to meet 1D?), they also performed on the Royal Variety Show twice. Who the real royalty was in these moments is up for you to decide. (GIF by tommosome on Tumblr)

9. “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?” featuring Ronnie Wood, December 2014

“Where Do Broken Hearts Go?” is already one of the most unforgettable tracks off of their (arguably) best album, Four. So, when The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood came to join them on stage during their homecoming performance on The X Factor, it was almost too much excitement to take. (GIF by stylinsketchy on Tumblr)

10. “Torn” Performance, November 2015

Just a month before their final performance, the four members of post-Zayn One Direction performed a cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. What’s significant about this cover is that “Torn” is one of their best-known early performances at The X Factor Judges’ Houses back in 2010. If you want to be an emotional wreck, just go on and compare the two. (GIF by stylesheart on Tumblr)


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