The 2000s Rise from the Dead at Spring '19

The 2000s Rise from the Dead at Spring '19

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The 2000s Rise from the Dead at Spring '19

At this fall's New York Fashion Week, time was a flat circle.

At this fall's New York Fashion Week, time was a flat circle.


The deja vu set in early. At the Tom Ford show, the clothes were, of course, new. But noting in them a certain leitmotif, we couldn't help but wonder: was it the first day of fashion week or had we been hit by a bus plastered with Carrie Bradshaw and transported back to a Sex and the City dream sequence? The crocodile, the pencil skirts, fitted blazers and slingback stilettos had all the luster of pre-Recession fashion. There was Anna Wintour sitting next to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. There's Cardi B...Wait, who's Cardi B? Were we ever so young?

For those who remember the 2000s for its flare jeans and trucker hats, the decade had felt more or less doomed to fashion obscurity. And yet, with 90s nostalgia all but tapped out, it was only a matter of time before fashion moved onto the next decade for inspiration—no matter how premature it may feel to be reliving it now. Indeed, the 2000s redux continued throughout the week—albeit in various permutations, ranging from the aesthetic to the downright metaphysical.

Swoopy side bangs at Vaquera

When was the last time you saw swoopy sidebangs? Probably at a school cafeteria circa 2007, which was fully the vibe at Vaquera, who held their show at P.S 042 Benjamin Altman School in New York City. The acute parts, styled by Dylan Chavles, was enough to induce post-emo PTSD, but the directional clothes were anything but Myspace-era.

Gemma Ward at Proenza Schouler

Spring is the time for renewal, and that goes for modeling careers. After dominating the runways and ushering in the “doll face” archetype, Ward dipped out of the spotlight for a few years. But following her cameo in Eckhaus Latta’s Whitney show, the iconic model returned IRL at the Proenza Schouler show, emanating a dew-dappled glory as though no time had passed.

Gauntlett Cheng’s “Bandage Dress”

The bandage dress hasn’t cycled back into fashion since Kim Kardashian was organizing closets, but one look at Gauntlett Cheng conjured fond memories of the erstwhile going-out staple. With its skin-bearing slits and fitted, wrap-around construction, the post-apocalyptic bodycon dress worn by Grace Hartzel made us ponder a Gauntlett Cheng x Herve Leger collab.

Marc Jacobs starts late

After major show delays in 2007, Marc Jacobs adopted a practice of extreme punctuality, so it came as a surprise when his SS19 showcase started about an hour and a half behind schedule. But the transportive collection, with its fantastical forms and dreamy pastels, was enough to remind us that, after all, time is merely a construction.


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