The Artistry of Billie Eilish is Shaping a Generation

The 17-year-old musician’s debut album is a keen exploration of modern adolescence, joyful nightmares, and the freedom of feeling.

Two years ago almost to the date, I hopped on the phone for an interview with a 15-year-old musician who shared with me some of her inspirations, chatted about her process, and expressed love for her growing youthful fanbase. When asked what the rest of her 2017 looked like, she responded with, “I’m ready to get stuff out and work with the people I love and have the time of my life.”

Flash forward to today where the aforementioned artist now has 6 billion streams to her name, a cult following of 15.4 million followers on Instagram, and has officially dropped her highly anticipated debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Her name? Billie Eilish a.k.a. the Jesus of Gen-Z.

An unpredictable chameleon whose keen ear shapes a unique dreamlike journey on every track she creates, Eilish’s ability to story tell within her music is unlike any other voice on the market. It’s honest, raw, humorous and tragic all at the same time, revealing a further glimpse into the infectious method to her signature madness.

The 14-track debut, from beginning to end, is a bass-driven escape into the active reality of modern adolescence, joyful nightmares and the freedom in feeling. With song titles like “all the good girls go to hell” that read similar to that of Lana Del Rey‘s and intelligent lyrics and witty cadences like “my mommy likes to sing along with me / but she won’t sing this song / if she reads all the lyrics / she’ll pity the men I know” that are comparable to the late Amy Winehouse, Eilish infuses her everything into each beat conjuring her listeners to become her captive audience.

Owning an intuitive charisma that can’t be created or taught, Eilish’s viral connection to the world around her is testament to her ability and the commitment she’s made to only be herself. A leap of faith for some, she’s dived head first into allowing her fans to have access to a transparent artist that’s willing to share nearly every aspect of her human experience regardless of how vulnerable or frightening it may be. Some call it goth. I call it grit.

Already a household name in my opinion, the biggest takeaway from the ever-growing reign of Billie Eilish is this: her artistry, voice, and mere existence is shaping a generation. This huge moment she’s having isn’t actually a moment at all. It’s the beginning of a movement. She’s gone from “you should see me in a crown” to bow the fuck down. All hail Billie Eilish.

Stream Billie Eilish’s debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? below:

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