The Attico, Expanding the World of the Brand through New Bag Collection “Last Minute”

The new bag collection “Last Minute” will be the first product to be part of The Attico world. The Italian label known for its over-the-top aesthetic and timeless vision will launch its collection on October 22nd.

The Attico, the urban elegant casualwear and haute couture label thinks of the comfort experience and fashion need of its customers.

Gilda and Giorgia, the street stars-turned designers’ duo, have been attentive to the complexity and need of their customers to have a perfect bag which could be associated with anything, created a timeless accessory. “Function of course is important, but so is the attitude, the way to carry oneself that each particular model suggests and ignites.”

Geometric and voluptuous, the new bags are associated to the metropolitan pace and fast business life of women and is shaping a vivid night and day life.

The iconic vibrant colors, from fushia, turquoise, red, ivory, silver, to purple and gold, rhythms the young spirit of the brand. The distinctive materials such as satin, leather and suede are elevating the style of the bags.


The numerous sizes enable you to fulfil them with your essentials.

The name of the bags from “Monday” to “Sunday” are evoking the spirit to adopt through the week and have a unique vision to be associated along the daytime, from 11a.m. to 12p.m.

“11a.m. it a deconstructed, trapezoid shaped bucket. 12p.m. is a capacious carry-all tote. 6p.m. is a small basket bag version of the 12p.m. bag designed to going out.”

Each bag is thought for every event, and at all time of the day.


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