The August 11th Full Moon In Aquarius Asks You To Let It Go 

During this time, don’t be afraid of taking all your sudden energy and turn it inwards. You got this.

Symbol: The Water Bearer
Ruling Planet and House: Uranus & Saturn, 11th House of Goals and Objectives
Element: Air
Mode: Fixed
Associated Word: “Network”
Moon Stones For Aquarius Full Moon: Moldavite · Aquamarine · Opal · Obsidian 

It’s not just you. For today’s (August 11th) prominent full moon, following the galactic Lions Gate opening, the moon and the sun will oppose each other on opposite sides of the Earth, evoking a prominent full moon in the sign of Aquarius. During this planetary phase, we are extra aware of the effect of our work on others, operating from a place of visible clarity rather than blind faith. With its casting in the sign of Aquarius, the universe asks us to take a step back and let ourselves feel a bit uncomfortable. Stop trying to control how you feel. 

With the event transpiring during Leo season, there is an underlying energy of ego or a strong desire to take immediate action. Though as the Aquarius moon begins to create a sextile with Chiron (the wounded healer) there is a cooperation between your emotions and your desire for deep healing. Today, everyone has the ability to tune in more easily to deeper issues and past events. With this, profound healing is possible, but before that begins with acceptance of what is there. So even though you may feel a need to act out or move from the ego today, it is best to take that impactful energy and turn inwards. Imagine directing all that lion energy and turning it into energy for your own emotional growth. Now imagine how unstoppable you’d become. 

The Moon is representative of the physical and the emotional body. The full Moon specifically is a time to be open and receptive, to take the light and welcome it into your emotional and physical body. A time for releasing and cleansing yourself of negativity in order to grow spiritually and emotionally. The new moon is the manifestation of desires and dreams. Though both are entirely necessary to be open to fully receiving the blessings of the universe. 

Reflect on your recent dreams, what emotional or issue is being continuously brought up? The universe urges you to let go of those certain things in the past and free yourself of emotional blockages.  

So what are some ways to harness the energy of this full moon? 

  • Write in your journal, and don’t be afraid to get deep. 
  • Be honest with how you feel, recognize it, unravel it and let it go. 
  • Get in the bath, do self care. 
  • Charge your crystals underneath the moonlight. 

Most important, be patient with yourself. You got this.

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