The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2022

Celebrities that didn’t hold back and the ones that made us laugh this Halloween season.

Halloween is the time for the ghoulish, the gross, and the gag-worthy. This year celebrities brought out all their creepiest outfits, coolest costumes, and gaggiest get-ups that made this spooky season one of the best.

Our favorite Riverdale trio, Lili Reinhart, Madeline Petsch, and Camila Mendes, cast a spell on the internet this Hallows Eve with their rendition of the Sanderson sisters from the witchy classic Hocus Pocus. The costume has since gone viral as the three perfectly captured Winifred, Sarah, and Mary in their costumes.

Lizzo took a trip to Springfield this Halloween, and no, not the capital of Illinois, but the center of The Simpsons universe as she dressed up as Marge Simpson. The pop star fully committed to the look with yellow body paint, tall blue hair, and a dress to match.

In typical Kim Kardashian fashion, the media mogul went all out for her Halloween costume. This time around, she became the shapeshifting blue anti-hero Mystique from X-Men, but with built-in blue heels because every super-powered mutant has those, right?

Kerry Washinton made the internet die of laughter as she dressed up as Lionel Richie this past weekend. The actor even made a full-on recreation of the visuals for his hit single “All Night Long”

Janelle Monae took us into the future with her version of Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element. Her recreation of the character saw her fully covered in blue with the signature tentacles coming out of her head.

Former Victorious co-stars Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande dressed up together as characters from the Mockumentary Best in Show that starred Jennifer Coolidge. The duo recreated scenes from the film and hilariously transformed themselves into the characters Sheri Ann Cabot, Cookie Fleck, and more.

Jason Blum also sent the internet into a laugh attack with his recreation of the horror doll M3gan, which recently blew up after the trailer for the M3gan movie was released.

The Bailey sisters of Chloe x Halle killed the competition this year as Storm from X-Men and Neytiri from James Cameron’s Avatar. The fully realized costumes made were shared countless times over the weekend.

Last but definitely not least is Frankie Jonas’s. The ‘bonus Jonas’ recreated his older brothers’ look from an award show when he was dating Taylor Swift. To make the costume even better, his girlfriend dressed up as TSwift herself. Now V wonder what Joe had to say.


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