The Best of YouTube Workouts For the At-Home Fitness Club

*huff, huff* it’s definitely effective *huff, huff*

Most of us have either embraced the different shapes of our quarantine bodies or tried to find suitable replacements. It’s hard to transition from the environment of “yeah, I workout” at the gym to being stripped of all your equipment and resources when confined at home.

Luckily, the internet has all the solutions you’d need for that problem. Here are some of the best YouTube workout channels where you can continue to stay in shape (or not, your call) and feel as healthy and chipper as always in the comfort of your own living room.

Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home

It’s in the name of the channel, you’re compelled to walk at home. Leslie Sansone has been around teaching people how to walk 5Ks in 45 minutes of rapid movement for a while, but her workouts have proved to be especially useful during this time as more and more people are restricted to their spaces with nothing more than the ground they walk on.

Caleb Marshall’s The Fitness Marshall

For the people that hate workouts (but love pop music), this might be a great choice. The spiritual successor to MTV’s Grind from back in the day, Caleb Marshall takes some of the most popular chartbusters that have some pumping beats to them and turns them into dance workouts that’ll get you moving, grooving, and definitely sweating.

Michelle Lewin

One of the more innovative channels on the rise, Lewin’s at-home workouts make use of objects you’d find lying around, turning them into ideal workout equipment. Those objects could be big water bottles, stools, chairs, dogs, or your partner, all’s fair in exercise.

Planet Fitness

Yes, Planet Fitness, the chain of gyms and fitness centers, has a YouTube channel, and a pretty great one at that. The appeal of Planet Fitness is feeling like you’re still at the sweaty embrace of the gym while at home and hearing your trainer constantly push for you to do it, do it, do it!

Body Project

While Body Project has your quick workout routines, they’re more about the much longer, much more involved workouts that create a significant impact on how you tone your physique and usually don’t require much more than a yoga mat to jump around on.


Heart And Soul fit, or HASfit, embraces health over excellent physique, pushing its viewers to strive for a fit and healthy body and mind. They’re one of the most comprehensive workout channels you’ll find that embody what it means to live a well-balanced life.

The Body Coach TV

The Body Coach has workouts for us all, no doubt. But what really makes this channel stand out is its emphasis on bringing fitness to all age groups and kinds of people. Hence, there are several videos for basic PE exercises and workouts for kids paired with high-intensity daily challenge videos.

Cirque du Soleil Workouts

The purveyor of what can only be called death-defying stunts also has workout videos, who knew? Cirque du Soleil performers engage with viewers who’re trying to improve their basic physique with a specific focus on improving flexibility, sprinkled in between several performance and yoga videos.


Don’t let its candy-coated aesthetic fool you, POPSUGAR Fitness means business when it comes to getting you in shape. They offer a more fun approach to your standard workout routines, adding music and choreography to their material with a distinctly cheery approach to boot.


BeFit is one of the more legend-status channels on the YouTube space for fitness, offering several more quick and cool down workouts over fully realized routines (although they have several of those, too). Some very well-known trainers occupy their space, including Jane Fonda, who transitioned great from those iconic 80s workout tapes.

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